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Is it Safe to Tow the Caravan With the Fridge on Gas?

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Caravan With the Fridge on Gas

Towing the caravan with the fridge on gas can be dangerous, often leading to fatal circumstances. The major risks include leakage of gas and combustion of petrol vapours by the gas burner. None of these situations are favourable, at least from a safety perspective. It is best to turn off the gas connection to the fridge before moving.

In the event that the pilot light gets blown out and the automatic shutoff to your caravan’s fridge fails, then you will have gas leaking all over the place. If adequate ventilation is not available, then the gas could concentrate inside the caravan and increase the risk of combustion. The problem could be worsened if you are unaware about the leakage.

Check the pilot light and the automatic shutoff to your fridge regularly to detect faults in time. There have been cases where the pilot light has been known to cause explosions because the 12 volt batteries can ignite the leaked gas vapours. Just imagine the extent of damage that will be done if the leaked gas gets concentrated inside the caravan. I am sure that your can’t even bear the thought of the outcomes.

You could install a fridge switch which is a motion sensitive component that turns the fridge off when it stops. This system will also work when the switch is connected with a relay that is powered by the towing vehicle’s ignition switch. In my opinion, the best thing that can be done is to keep the fridge switched off and ensure proper ventilation by keeping the windows open. This will allow all the leaked gas to slowly escape out and prevent the development of a combustible environment.

Those who have had no accidents or mishaps while travelling with the fridge active on gas are very lucky indeed. However, this is no reason to be casual about it. If you have not been harmed till now, there is no guarantee that you will remain safe all the time. Do not take such a big risk with your life and the safety of your travelling companions.

Turn off the fridge (and other appliances that rely on gas) while travelling. If you need chilled beverages or cold items, then you can always park up at a good spot, setup your caravan awning, and wait for the fridge to do its work. I am sure that you can wait for some time to get those cool delights. Do not take the risk of travelling with the caravan fridge on gas if you value the safety of your travelling companions. A few precautions can help you to stay away from harm’s way.

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