Towing Speed for Caravan

Do you remember the first time that you towed a caravan? It was pretty strenuous right? The first experience of handling a caravan can be daunting and it is only with time that one can master its manoeuvrability. But even after you learn how to control the caravan and the towing vehicle, you need to take care of the towing speed or else you could end up in a road accident.

If you travel in highways that have specific minimum speed limits (that are high), then it would be difficult to keep the caravan stable. There are uneven surfaces, potholes, reverse camber corners, etc that can cause the vehicle to lose its balance. Such conditions often lead to accidents. Are you willing to risk that? Moreover, by traveling at high speeds, you would make it difficult for other vehicles to overtake you while being in the safe speed limit.

The best towing speed for caravans is between 80 – 90 kph. Many consider this the ideal speed for towing caravans as it allows the drivers to keep pace and stick to the schedule without tiring themselves out. The towing vehicle as well as the caravan are much more manageable at this speed and it gives ample opportunities to other vehicles for overtaking it safely. If you drive too fast, then other vehicles would have to exceed your speed to overtake you. This can prove to be a dangerous affair.

Occasional burst up to 90-95kph to build momentum on gentle downhill stretches with a climb at the end of them is perfectly safe. Maintaining a proper speed also helps in managing the fuel consumption. Going too slow or too fast would increase the fuel consumption, eventually leading to frequent refills and increased expenses. Just sit back and relax and maintain the speed of the caravan at 80kph for a stress-free ride.

Towing the caravan at high speeds can also pose a problem due to the load being carried. You need to take into account the weight of caravan awnings, furniture, equipment, and the people traveling in the caravan. This would give you a better idea on the type of handling required in order to safely manoeuvre the vehicle. A good way to keep a check on the caravan’s balance is to frequently glance at the side mirrors for detecting excessive traffic as well as movement of the caravan itself. If you notice even a slight deflection, slow down and then gradually pick up pace while keeping an eye out for the caravan.

Just follow these tips and you should be able to tow your caravan without any hassles. Check the overall that you would have to tow. This includes the weight of the caravan, the people traveling in it, and all the equipment as well as accessories that have been add to it.

July 23, 2015 — admin