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7 Fun Tips to RVing During the Holiday Season

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RV travelling is all about freedom, adaptability, and getting engrossed in nature. The relaxation on the part of packing, unpacking, and the lure of open roads keep you excited as the holiday season starts. Spending holiday time in RV gives a unique experience that complements your wandering nature.

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However, it can make you nostalgic and homesick at times. Here are some tips that would make your RVing experience more exciting and joyous during the holiday season:

Book Your Campsite Beforehand

As the holiday season begins, the RVing places tend to get busier with crowds. It is essential to choose your campsite in advance. Many people get time off during the holidays, due to which the camping grounds, tourist attractions may get busier, leading to heavy traffic. Scrambling at the last moment for a place to set up your camp would only create a hassle.

Find RV Parks that Host Events

You would notice many parks hosting events during the holiday season, find one for yourself, and you would enjoy the chipper ambience. To uplift the vibes, seek RV parks that organize holiday potlucks, crafting, music shows, including Christmas carolers, games, and movie nights. You can also opt for campgrounds that hold their events and celebrate traditions to stay grounded to their own culture. It keeps the spirit high and creates lasting memories that you would cherish all your life.

Seek RV Communities and Make Friends

Sometimes saying Hi is a great experience altogether when your entire family is not RVing with you. Take this opportunity to make friends with your campsite neighbours as the season is all about spreading good vibes and energy. Seek RV communities where potlucks are happening, and you will get to enjoy a full feast with other RVers.

Seek Out Volunteer Opportunities

The holiday season is all about spreading love and being affectionate with others. RVing during holidays gives you an excellent opportunity to show some compassion for the needy. You can surely donate your time for a good cause and seek RV volunteering opportunities. Many churches organize volunteers and mission programs for RVers such as disaster relief, serving in medical clinics, cleaning, tutoring, housekeeping, maintenance, and many more.

Try Some Decorations

Decorating your RV before you hit the road is the most fun part of RVing in the holiday season. RVs are generally small, but you can still decorate the interiors and exteriors. Consider adorning your exteriors with some lights and wreath. You can also decorate your campground with small Christmas trees and hanging your stockings above the fireplace.

If you don’t want to go with seasonal decorations, you can also try decoration activities that involve food. You can decorate your RV with sugar cookies, building gingerbread homes, and hanging up candy canes. No-bake cookies will always be a chart-topper.

Try keeping the decorations simple; however, you can surely go crazy with it, follow your traditions, and create memories. You would enjoy the process more than the final result!

Take Delight in the Delicious Delicacies

If you aren’t meeting with your neighbour RVers at the campsite or making friends at any event, you can surely go out for dinner with your partner. It would make for the perfect ending to a holiday. Pick an eatery that you would like to try and take your family for dinner. It would give everyone some time to repose before loading back to the RV.

Plan Your Meals in Advance

Food has always been a focal point when it comes to RVing during the holiday season. It is good to plan your feast instead of making everything on the same day. It would simplify the process without compromising on the fun. Consider cutting down your menu to your family’s favourite dishes instead of making dozens of meals in a small kitchen space. Go with the basics that complement the holiday theme. If you don’t want the hassle of preparation, you can also skip cooking altogether. You can be a part of Thanksgiving dinner from participating companies that organize camping.

Closing Up

Hopefully, these RVing tips will help you in planning your holiday season. If you find time to rethink for your holiday season, take this opportunity to get creative with your ideas. Incorporate your favourite festivities to the RVing experience, and you will end up creating happy memories.


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