There are checklists of food items, camping accessories, general items and many more that we check out before hitting the road for caravanning. However, there is one list which probably we haven’t cared about, that is—which tools to carry along? 
Tools are an essential part of caravanning as it is hard to predict the rough road, wild weather and unforeseen situations such as a flat tyre, leaks or any other maintenance required. You need to be equipped with the right tools to counter these situations. 
Camping Tools
Here are 10 tools you should always carry along while caravanning: 

Wheel Brace

A wheel brace is one of the most important tools if you get a flat tyre. It lets you loosen or tighten the lug nuts on the wheel thereby helping in changing the tyres. 

Corner steady handle

An easier tool to work on lug nuts is a corner steady handle. You get more torque thereby exert less energy as compared to using a wheel brace while unfastening a tyre. 

Electric screwdriver set

Screwdrivers have been the band-aids of toolboxes. Using an electric screwdriver could save a lot of energy and time. Go for a cordless screwdriver to save yourself from the hassle of cords. 

Tyre lever

We hope you don’t have to use tyre levers, as tyre levers are used for getting the tyre off the rim, and you shouldn’t need that. You don’t need a tyre lever unless you have a spare tyre. 


 At times working parts of the awning and other accessories dry up, to lubricate them you need an emollient. Grease is one of the best lubricants that help parts run smoothly. 

Air compressor and tyre gauge

 You might need an air compressor and a tyre gauge if you are travelling over sand or even fixing a flat tyre. In case you have a spare tyre you might not need the two. 


A sealant might not be “pressingly” useful every time but it will save you a day in case there is a leak or even a superficial gash anywhere in the caravan. I can be a leaking window or dripping fuel tank! 

Gaffer tape

Gaffer tape has limitless usages. It helps you from patching superficial structural damage to repairing electrical parts. 


Chocks are a must-have, whether you go for off-roading or camping in the outback or simply to a camping site with full hookups. Chocks help you secure your caravan on slopes thereby providing safety. 

Cleaner and brushes

Cleaning agents such as kerosene and Armor All along with brushes should be readily available with you on a camping trip, you might need them to clean messes of any sort. 
 You can make your own list of tools, to know what all you need, a couple of camping trips are what you need. Till then get your toolbox going with these 10 tools. 
December 12, 2019 — admin