If the gun was a great invention, a safety catch was a greater one. Agree to that? If yes, you’d know why wheel chocks are more important for your RVs. Wheel chocks save your RV or trailer from rolling away, although there is already a harness that keeps your RV from going awry—parking brakes. Well, there are chances that parking brakes may fail and thus using chocks, parking your RVs or trailer gets reinforced.
Wheel Chocks for Your RV
These chocks are basically wedges made of different materials and fit right under your RV tyres and make them stable. What else you need to know about RV chocks? Follow here-

Why you need chocks?

Chocks provide more stability to your parked RV and that primarily is the best reason you should use them. Many 5th wheels or trailers do not have a parking brake and this makes chocks more important. The emergency/parking brakes of your tow vehicle might not be strong enough to keep the caravan hooked.
Avoid parking on gravel and on steep slopes and seek flat surfaces, using chocks on flat surfaces are less riskier than using them on former.

How to use wheel chocks?

There is simple physics acting when using wheel chocks. These wedges resist the force against the tyres, keeping your trailer/RV steady. The best surfaces to park your trailers to use chocks is concrete as it gives most friction to them, and also ensure the surface is flattest. This helps in reducing the pressure against the chocks. Wet, icy, gravel, dirt, all these surfaces make the trailers unstable making the chances of skidding higher.
Another important thing while using chocks is parking your trailer in an area less windy and is surrounded by trees. Strong winds could disrupt the stability of the parked trailer and throw it off balance.

Installing chocks is a simple process,

  1. Park your trailer/RV in a secure location.
  2. Pull the emergency brakes.
  3. Now place the chocks near the tyres against the incline and in case of a flat surface, you do not need to place against the incline.

And you have successfully chocked your trailer.

How many wheel chocks you require?

The 2 factors that ascertain the number of chocks is the weight and the incline. Small trailers might need 1 or 2 chocks, but as the size of the camper/RV goes up the number of chocks needed may go up to 4. Although 4 is not the maximum number and you should refer to the owner’s manual to get a better idea. Using more chocks (on every tyre) means more stability.

How to choose the best chock for your trailer?

More than installing, choosing the right chock for your trailer is more important.
Size of the type- Keep in mind the size of the tyre of the trailer before picking the chocks. A small chock may get run over making it redundant and causing an accident.
Quality- Do not save on chocks, they are safety catch. Low-quality or even in some cases plastic chocks can break from the weight of the trailer. Plastic chocks are typically cheaper and may entice you to buy in one.
Specific- Buy chocks which are specific to your trailer or motorhome as they guarantee protection.
Material- Durables materials such as aluminium or rubber is a better choice to pick the best chocks. Aluminium does not rust and is durable and chocks made of it have teeth as well which provides better grip. Rubber and other synthetic materials are also a better choice as they do not corrode and easily breakable.
Chocks are important equipment for camping and should not be ignored. An emergency brake might do the job as well, yet chocks provide greater stability and security to your parked trailer.
August 13, 2019 — admin