Nothing could satiate the thirst of all you off-road caravan lovers, then an adventurous off-road trip in the outback, and above all a solid, sturdy, and built-to-last best off-road caravan. There are various things to keep in mind before going to an off-road caravaning.
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Many of you caravaning lovers might be knowing, the Sunshine State—Queensland which is Australia’s outdoor adventure capital is also home to Australia’s best off-road caravan names such as AOR, Bruder. If you are planning to buy a solid off-road caravan for your future off-roading endeavors and are in Queensland consider the following caravans:
Note- The following do not cover all the features of the caravans and only highlight a few key features.

Bruder X

Bruder X stands 300 mm taller than the 2100 mm-tall EXP-6 and is 2 meters less wide than it. According to the Bosschieter brothers, the manufacturers of Bruder X, what motivated them to design this beast was the need for greater thermal insulation in as many people chose to travel to areas with temperatures as low as 20 degrees. Like the Pop Top EXP-6, Bruder X has a hardtop with dimensions 6723mm x 1920mm with customized features including multi-link independent air suspension, a super-strong rolled tube chassis, and two nine-tonne recovery points, and dual-compression rubber body mounts. The design of this caravanning beast also includes hi-tech convenience features such as a one-touch operated rear tailgate and awning and a height-adjustable kitchen that is accessible from both inside and outside.

Bushtracker 20ft

The Bushtracker is also known as the Rolls-Royce of caravans. Like the luxury car, Bushtracker stands for statement and style rather than being all ‘featured up’. This brings another fact that Bushmakers are heavy and costly with about 2800 Kgs of weight. Every Bushtracker is custom-built and thus here we are considering the 20ft. This one has a hot-dipped galvanized 150mm x 50mm, and a 300mm extended A-frame that connects to a laminated double chassis. Bumping up weight is 2 full-sized 16-inch spare off-road wheels and tires. Also, three separate 90-liter water tanks: 2 for drinking and 1 for greywater, three 150W roof-mounted solar panels, tandem load sharing suspension with 12-inch brakes, and 60-tonne tensile axles, a 300Ah lithium battery system with 60amp solar regulator and 60amp battery charger. Also, this demonstrator had a 220-liter compressor fridge/freezer, 4kg front-loading washing machine and electric bi-fold step, and electric awning. Now all that is heavy!

Kedron TopEnder TE’7

One of the oldest caravan manufacturers of Australia—Kedron made one of the most expensive caravans—Kedron TopEnder TE’7. The price tag of this behemoth is past $200K. This beast has a speed sensor located on the rearmost axle. It automatically flicks over to highway mode if goes beyond 20km/h in ‘parked’. In the same way, it will switch to highway mode at speeds over 80km/h. A second pump is fitted, for inflating tyres on both the caravan and tow vehicle. All six wheels on the TopEnder TE’7 have disc brakes. Most Australian caravans are equipped with a drop-down picnic table, but this beast has two on each side, making a total of 4. To the outside, there is are a plethora of features such as a bike rack, a TV locker, a slide-out kitchen, a shower, and much more. The roof is almost filled with an auto-tracking satellite dish, plus 8 solar panels for seamless power connectivity of over 1000W. The TopEnder is designed to meet all your water requirements with six freshwater tanks which hold a total of 480 liters, plus one tank for greywater.

AOR Quantum Hardtop

The Quantum Hardtop comes from one of the best names in the industry—Australian Off-Road. The Quantum Hardtop has primarily targeted southern Australian off-road enthusiasts who love the quick set-up camping. Southerners also seek more thermal insulation and greater security. The Quantum Hardtop also comes with twin 100AH lithium batteries instead of AGMs which are heavier and less effective, a ceramic induction indoor cooktop with a 2000W inverter to power the induction cooktop away from mains power. Although many believe the Quantum Hardtop has crossed the off-road line and they might be true as well but on the surface. The QH goes over 7ft, and this height surely makes it difficult to pass through low branching trees and even to squeeze in garages. Anyway, coming below the waistline at the pointy end of the 150mm x 50mm Supagal-treated, powder-coated A-frame, there is off-road coupling and a sturdy dual-wheel. On the inside, the first thing you notice is the in-house-developed entry door. AOR decided to make its own doors. Entering inside the Quantum Hardtop is roomier as opposed to what you find from the outside, there is a lot of space.
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