Everything of our campers and trailers we take care of but we often miss out on or do not focus as much as we do on other things is, maintaining the tires. Tires are an important part of a camper, although they do not do as much rigorous work as the RV wheels do.
Well, this perception of campers leads to infrequent top-ups and eventual tire failures. One should get the camper tires inspected every year by a professional and if they are stored well, they can be more durable.
Camper Tires
There are several indicators of a tire wearing that even you could spot such as discolouration; tire shoulders going blue, ozone cracking, signs of under-inflation.
Here are the top reasons why camper tires wear.

Direct sunlight

In case the tires of your camper are exposed too long to direct sunlight they would wear at a faster rate. Sunlight produces heat which is a major factor of wearing.

Proximity to a compressor

In case your camper trailer is parked in close proximity to an air compressor while it is idle, it would wear faster. The reason being, electrical motors emit huge amounts of ozone which breaks down the rubber of your camper tire.

No tire rotation

Another reason camper tires wear is if you do not rotate them. Tires of the camper should be rotated from side to side every 3 to 6 thousand miles.

Irregular wheel alignment

Irregular wheel alignment is one of the major reasons your camper tire would wear faster, especially if the camper has independent suspensions. To put it into perspective, even one degree of incorrect alignment of the wheel affects the sideways 55 feet in every mile.

Continued driving on a separated belt

The life of a tire ends when the steel belts in it start breaking. This becomes quite visual as a bulge appears on the tire. If such a tire is continued to be used the steel belts break completely and may damage the camper.
The wear of camper tires can be prevented simply by taking precautionary measures such as parking the camper under a shade, away from an air compressor while it is idle, regular tire rotation, correct wheel alignment and understanding when to replace an old tire.
April 18, 2019 — admin