Adventure lovers have made off-road caravaning equally pursuable as on-road. But it requires a completely different set of skills and along with dissimilar skills, it calls for sturdier caravans.
Off-road caravans are designed for treacherous terrains and harsh outbacks making them “the go-anywhere” vehicles. There are several features which make an off-road caravan different from its counterpart—an on-road one, such as heavy-duty suspension, better battery, a reinforced chassis and much more.
off-road Caravan
Here are the “essentials” that makes your caravan a true off-road caravan.

  1. Suspension- An off-road caravan trip means bumpy trails and rough routes. A regular suspension might not endure the off-road adventure and so, you need an independent suspension that absorbs most shocks. Some of the best independent suspension types for an off-road caravanning trip are coil springs with trailing arms and independent rubber suspension.


  1. Ground Clearance- A vital factor to consider before you hit an off-road trip is your caravans' ground clearance. Unlike a paved road, routes running in the outback are treacherously uneven which makes your caravan’s underbelly more susceptible to damage. Off-road caravans have a good minimum height off the ground which makes them fit for treacherous roads. Although, not only a good ground clearance is important for an off-road caravan but a larger rear departure angle makes the manoeuvring smooth.


  1. Chassis- Chassis could be called as the skeleton of the vehicle. For an off-road caravan, a chassis needs to be stronger than the regular ones the on-roaders have. A good configuration of a sturdy chassis could be a box section chassis with A-frames made of 150X50 mm and chassis rails made of 100X50 mm rectangular hollow structures. The perfect meal for a chassis with that dimension is aluminium, despite a bulky set up the metal is light and robust.


  1. Coupling- An off-road coupling is fundamentally different than the regular ones. Treading on a bumpy outback not only requires a smooth horizontal articulation but a great vertical articulation as well. A ball coupling is a great coupling option, although there are various other options available as well.


  1. Storage and power- For an outback trip, the storage and power in a caravan require to be beefed up. An off-road caravan should be equipped with a 200Ah battery, 300W solar panel and about 190L of water storing capacity.

No doubt an off-road caravan is heavier, but beefing it up is important to meet the extremities of an off-road caravaning trip.
April 11, 2019 — admin