If the engine could be called as the ‘heart’ of a caravan (vehicle), the battery could be called as the allegorical brain. Battery works like the brain, right from igniting the engine on the turn of the key to lighting your caravan up, it electrifies everything around the camper.
Battery Life of Caravan
Most of the amateur caravanners often end up in confusion as they think both the car and caravan batteries perform the same function. Flooded, absorbed glass mat (AGM) and gelled electrotype are the three types of caravan batteries that power your appliances. 
Handling a caravan battery or also known as a leisure battery is very different from your regular car battery. A leisure battery has to power 12V appliances and all other devices in your caravan for an extended time, which is not the case with a car battery unless used in case of emergencies.
Well, if you want your caravan battery to dissipate steady power for a prolonged period, you need to maintain it.
Here are certain tips to ensure proper maintenance of caravan batteries:

Avoid drainage of battery

You are required to check battery usage and should avoid running it off charge for prolonged periods. Different batteries come with different warranties and deep discharge cycles: 20-300 cycles for flooded, 400-500 for gelled, and 600-800 for absorbed glass mat that come with a five-year guarantee. Make sure you charge your batteries when they fall below 75%.

Ensure your battery doesn’t stink

How to charge a caravan battery? It is something obvious most of us spend time thinking of. You would notice a rotten egg odour when your battery is overcharged. It is due to the sulphur gas that it emits; so disconnect from the power supply as it may lead to ignition. If you do this, then stop overcharging your batteries as it affects the performance of the battery in the long run. Moreover, you should keep checking the temperature of your battery when it is on charge and always beware of that stale smell.

Avoid using equipment that requires high power

You should limit the use of appliances that require much power such as TV and microwave. These appliances are to be charged often that leads to faster deterioration of the battery due to drainage, and you may find yourself in an unfortunate situation soon as it drains the power all of a sudden. 

Cleaning and inspection

Inspect your batteries every two months to ensure proper cleaning. You can start with checking the battery cells individually and clean the battery tray, terminals and connectors. Check whether your battery needs to be topped with distilled water after you unplug the vents if it’s a non-sealed battery. It would be best to use petroleum jelly to clean your batteries as recommended by most of the caravan manufacturers. 

Final Word

Caravan batteries seem to be an important part of your extended outdoors. Well, the longevity of your battery depends on how well you maintain it. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure smooth usage over prolonged periods and have the best caravan battery ever. 
July 31, 2019 — admin