Camping is a stimulating and fun activity, and without a doubt, it could surely get super fun when you have activities to get involved in. Be it an all-adult camping trip with your friends or a family camping trip with people of every age, activities and games is loved by everyone. 
Camping Games
We have handpicked a few camping games which include games for kids, and, a family which would surely be fun on your next camping trip. 

Games for Kids

Kids are more energetic than adults and at times keeping them engaged could be very difficult, especially when you are out on a camping trip. 

Head it, Catch it

An amusing game for a group of kids is Head it Catches it. Make the kids stand in a circle and one person stands in the middle, preferably an adult. The person at the centre is a ‘thrower’ who throws a soccer ball. While the ball is in the air, the person calls out either ‘head’ or ‘catch’. Well, it’s not what you are thinking, there is a twist to it. The recipient of the ball has to do just the opposite of what has been called out. It is absolute fun to watch how kids adapt to the new instructions against what they are programmed to. 

Swing Ball

Unlike Head it Catches it, this game is meant for 2 kids at a time. Swingball comes in a kit with a pole and 2 racquets. A coil of wire is attached at the top of the pole, at the end of which tied is a plastic ball. Each player smashes the ball around the pole trying to get the leash to your end of the spiral first. 

Games for Family

A family could be a great team; with adults, children, teenagers, and even granddads and moms. You can make a camping trip awesomely memorable for your whole family Petanque and Mölkky. 


 is a French ball game which is a great choice for a camping trip. There are boules and cochonnet you need to play this game. The Cochonnets are kept on the ground and a player has to stand at a distance from them. Each player needs to throw their boule as close to the cochonnets as possible. The sport is a great pass time for all age groups. 


Mölkky is a Finnish game and an amazing outdoor sport for the whole family. All you have to do is knock down the wooden pins which are numbered from 1 to 12. Tossing a throwing skittle does the job of knocking the pins, and this skittle is called Mölkky. A player must hit for a score of 50. You could earn scores by either toppling single pins for single points or even by knocking over several for multiple points. 
 We are sure you would enjoy these games on your next camping trip. To know more about what to do on camping trips, check out 
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