Australia is a huge landmass, and its sheer size makes it befitting for leisure trips such as weekend camping, long camping trips, overnight caravanning. By the end of 2018, camping and caravanning in Australia touched 52.8 million nights with a whopping number of 12.3 million trips. 
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The Caravan Industry Association says there was a 22% increase in camping trips taken by the people in the age group of 20-29 years which crossed over 2.2 million camping trips. The people in the age group of 30-54 took 5.7 million trips and 55 years and beyond 3.6 million. 
These numbers show that camping and caravanning is still a preferable activity in Australia and is on the rise, especially among youngsters. There are obvious reasons behind the surge in camping trips, let us see what factors are driving caravanning in Australia. 

Varied caravan sizes

You get caravans in miscellaneous sizes in Australia. Right from compact caravans for weekend trips to caravans built for off-road camping trips, the wide variety of caravans lets people pick the best choice for their camping requirement. 

A moving home

A very agreeable reason that caravan trips are on the rise is, a caravan is moving home and you absolutely feel at home while you are on the wheels. Caravans especially big rigs for off-roading and longer getaways can be equipped with almost all amenities such as beds, bathrooms, toilets, refrigerators, dining table and much more. 


It cannot be denied that driving on a camping or caravanning is adventurous, and nothing could beat the fun of it. Apart from being absolute fun, caravanning is cost-effective as well. You could get access to a wide range of low-cost campsites as well as sites with hookups. It a cost-effective way to explore Australia. 

Different kinds of caravanning

There are various types of caravanning trips, which you could choose based on your budget, preference, time duration, and state of mind. Right from short weekend caravanning trips at a small campsite to treading off-road to a remote location, you could pick the nature of the trip you want to endure. 
 Caravanning in Australia is still on the rise. Obvious reasons being the availability of a wide range of caravan sizes, a caravan could be made as moving home, one of the most cost-effective ways of discovering the country, and you could plan whichever type of caravanning trip you want. 
October 31, 2019 — admin