Owning a caravan, hitching it up for a camping trip, maintaining it, makes you a proud owner, yet there is something more important being a proud caravan owner. A huge number of caravans get stolen each year from garages and driveways which makes the security of your caravan the most important thing to consider. 
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Caravans could be very well secured and in fact, if you choose the right equipment to secure your caravan, you might be entitled to discount on the premium you are supposed to pay on your insurance. 
Well, here are a few tips that could help you secure your caravan. 

Don’t let your guard down

A very basic thing that we all are taught since our childhood is to not let our guard down in any situation. Being on a camping trip, vacationing with family and friends, it is very unlikely to be alert, yet ensuring we lock the doors and windows of our caravan is security 101. Park your caravan in your line of sight. 

Choose the apt security products

Your camping spot or location is a big factor to decide which security product to choose. Not all security products are made equal. If you choose a remote camping spot, your caravan might become more vulnerable to thefts and to secure it you would need products which are sturdier and solid than the regular stuff. 

Hitch Locks

A hitch lock is what a wheel clamp is to a wheel. Although you need to have a caravan which has a hitch made of high-grade steel, a hitch lock secures your trailer to get lifted away. 

Clamp your wheels

A wheel clamp makes your vehicle practically tied to the ground unless someone could carry it over their heads. A wheel clamp is one of the oldest and the best ways to secure your vehicle or in this case your caravan. To pick a good quality wheel clamp, look for heavy and large clamps those would be impenetrable. 

Caravan Alarms

One of the basic security gadgets to secure your caravan are caravan alarms. Today, there is caravan which has built-in alarms on the doors and windows, but in case you have an old rig, you could get a suitable window and door alarms for it. Always check for approval ratings and configuration needs you want, before choosing a caravan alarm. 
 Your caravan is your asset and losing an asset to theft could be overwhelming. There are various ways to secure your caravan, right from something as basic as being alert to using sophisticated gadgets, from using simple devices such as wheel clamps and hitch locks to beefing up your caravan with alarms. Follow these valuable to tips to secure your caravan against theft and thank you later. 
November 06, 2019 — admin