The truth about life is, you don’t get everything just perfect and that is the reason we alter things to suit ourselves. Altering is very important and we do it everywhere and with everything. As a camper we all have felt at a point if we could modify our caravans for our all kinds of requirements, ranging from petty to specific.
We have picked 5 DIY camper trailer and caravan modifications that would make your camping life easier, whether you are caravanning off-road or on sealed roads.
Note- It is not important that the modifications suggested below could be carried out on all kinds of campers and trailers. Your discretion is advised.
  • Door Ventilation- At the time of dusk, when you want to relax in your trailer with no AC but a natural breeze, this DIY caravan modification would make way for the breeze. Convert the fixed panel door of your trailer into a security grill door that would not only be safe (lockable) but also give you good ventilation.
  • Satellite Dish Holder- For the people who just can’t off-hook from their TVs and would love to watch their favourite TV shows while camping, this would be a superb idea. All you need is a metal frame that could be fitted on the drawbar of the caravan and also would hold the satellite dish.
  • Partitioning Curtains- In case your trailer has a bathroom, it is very much possible it is combined (shower+toilet). Although you could enjoy a single space and privacy just like back at home with this DIY caravan and camper trailer modifications. All you need is a curtain track and a curtain. Fit the curtain track into the ceiling of the trailer, you could do it with self-tapping screws if the hood is soft or use a drill to carve the holes out. Hang the curtains and you have all your privacy.
  • DIY Flooring- If you think flooring is ‘the permanent’ part of your trailer, then you are wrong. You could get rid off the cheap carpet you got along with the caravan and put a nice vinyl flooring which would not be too expensive, long lasting and maintenance free. Pick a vinyl flooring of your choice, spread it on the floor of your trailer, cut it to the floor size and paste it with liquid nails.
  • DIY Bin- A great DIY camper trailer or caravan modification is a DIY bin that you could install on your camper. Get a plastic box which is good enough to be used a bin. Now, all you need is an L-shaped metal, pop-rivets, and a flat metal piece. Bend the L-shaped metal into the box you picked to accommodate it. Now with pop-rivets hold it together and brace it with the flat metal piece across the base. You can even make triangular support for the holder from off-cuts and hinge it to the box.
It is not that difficult to modify your caravan as all you need is the regular toolbox. We hope these DIY modifications would provide ease to your camping lodging.
May 07, 2018 — admin