Have you planned to go camping? It's exhilarating and much more affordable than travelling by aeroplane. Well, it does have some expenses involved as you go camping. Before you hit the road, it's wise to have your caravan checked or serviced by a professional.
Caravan Checklist for Maintenance
Since caravan is a little complex vehicle, anything can go wrong, and it can be expensive to fix. It would be a bit cost-effective if you do a basic caravan check yourself and could fix minor issues. And, it's wise to find ways to perform regular preventative maintenance on your own and minimize your repair cost. Moreover, getting to know about the working parts of your caravan gives you confidence when you are off the beaten track.
Here are five suggestions to consider for your DIY checklist:

Tyre Pressure

If you keep the pressure at the right amount, your tyres will run smoother. You can use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure. You can do it yourself in two different ways, cold and warm. It is before you start driving and after half an hour of driving. Then, you should adjust your pressure depending on the amount of air. You can also list the correct pressure amount on the tires.


It's essential to have a check on the caravan lights. You can start by checking the actual electrical connections in your caravan. It could be dirt clogging up the connection, or the connection might have loosened up. If it doesn't work even then, don't attempt to do anything on your own in case of electrical issues; instead, call a qualified electrician to fix the problem. As anything can happen, especially when you are in a deserted place, it's good to carry a spare bulb.

Gas Leaks

As you go camping, a minor gas leak could also prove to be dangerous. Make sure you check that your caravan involves necessary cleaning and routine checking of gas lines for any leaks. If you suspect a gas leak, don't dare to ignore it.
You can spray soapy water on hoses to check if there is a gas leak. If bubbles appear, then it's an indication that there is a gas leak. Make sure you check it regularly. If you can't do it on your own, we recommend you to call a licensed professional to fix any leaks.

Checking Caravan Chassis

If you are camping frequently then, it is wise to familiarise yourself with what's underneath. You can do a basic DIY caravan check to look for signs of rust or cracks in the chassis. We recommend you to regularly check the frame for rust, which is an integral part of caravan service. If you know the implications and consequences, it helps you keep control of your caravan.

Roof and Awnings

You should check your caravan's roof and awnings when you are planning to go camping. If you catch a leaky roof or awning, you can fix it before you are on the road trip.
It's good to bring along a tube of roof sealant in case you notice a leaking roof. Duct tape would do justice in case of awnings. But, make sure that the awning is dry when you are to apply duct tape.

Routine Checks

In between your routine and specific checks, here are some common issues that you can identify:
● Tyre condition, as to how long you had been using the tyres.
● Check misaligned wheel rims as it can cause kerbing damage
● Wheel nut and its tightness before and after each trip especially if your caravan has served 80 kilometres
● Greasing of the coupling head to negate the effect of the friction pads
● Check the condition of breakaway cable and clip
● Battery charge
● Check connection cables, plugs, and sockets for signs of wear and tear as they may loosen up as time passes by.
● Check if you notice a blockage in ventilation and gas drop-out vents.
Surprises are part and parcel of travel when you are camping as anything can happen at long distances. It's always wise to keep up with regular maintenance and learn to fix minor repairs on your own.

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