Caravan awnings and annexes let you spend ample time within the comfort of your home while on camping. Well, when it comes to buying caravan add-ons, the wide assortment may seem to complicate the matter. If you are into camping, you might have come across words like ‘annexes’ and ‘awnings’. What’s the fundamental difference between them and what they are required for?
Let’s look at each of these independently.


Awnings are shades that are used to create a patio right by your caravan. You come across tons of options in terms of size, shapes, and colours. Awnings can be attached to your caravan once you are parked somewhere. Awnings that provide full coverage are to be additionally secured to the ground to ensure stability. Moreover, they also differ in their opening and closing mechanisms.


Annexes are additional ‘rooms’ attached to caravans. They are comprised of shade walls and fabric or vinyl roofing systems. Unlike awnings, annexes are often customized depending on the type of caravan, camper, or RV. They also come with an option of freestanding units that can be set up independently. It acts as an extension to the interiors of motorhomes. If you wish to have an alfresco kitchen or want to sleep in the open, then annexes fit your needs perfectly.

What Kind Of Shaded Outdoor Space Do You want?

Permanent or for a short span, it would help you choose the type of caravan awning, annexe, or sunscreen.
Earlier, the poles that were used to create the whole set up of annexes were of metals that are now replaced by high-pressure inflatable poles that make the caravan convenient and easy to set up. Thanks to recent developments, people have started demanding inflatable annexes more.
You might be confused as to what an inflatable product means? Let’s understand the basics:

What Are Inflatable Annexes?

Inflatable Annexes
Inflatable refers to any object that can be inflated with a gas or air. When it comes to inflatable annexes, the recent development in camping accessories has replaced the old-style metal poles from high-pressure inflatable poles. Earlier people used to struggle with attaching the large metal awnings, but now they can add on these airframes. It is quite convenient and easy to set up the poles as each one of them is linked together; once you start inflating the single-pole, the air will automatically inflate the entire annexes.

Do These Inflatable Annexes Stand Rough Weather?

When it comes to checking the sturdiness of these inflatable airframes and poles, they are inflated using high-pressure manual pumps or electric pumps, which makes them tight with air pressure. This way, you can create an awning stronger.
While choosing the type of awning, just make sure it is suitable for the conditions of your camping location as weather and wind can swing from regular to the extreme.

Do These Get Punctured?

Usually, these inflatable annexes are sturdy and offer years of hassle-free camping experience, provided that you follow the complete instructions. In case you get a puncture, it’s easy to fix. Either you can contact your dealer to organize a replacement, or you can do it yourself.
Moreover, if you notice any puncture, then you are advised not to open the protective sleeve. If a tube loses pressure, you may need to pump in more air to compensate for the loss.

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