Getting quite a popularity worldwide, Glamping hit Australia too. And Australians are going all crazy about it.

What Is Glamping?

A lot of people ask, ‘what is Glamping’. Well, it is a kind of camping where people use many luxurious facilities. Often also called Glamorous camping or Glorious camping, Glamping is a mix of homely facilities with the traditional family outing.

What is the History of Glamping?

If we go into the history of Glamping, we will see that people use to visit places, carrying their beds, food and essential items of necessity from an exceptionally long.
The Sultans and Emperors loved hunting, but they liked to carry all homely items even when traveling in the wild. They used to have tents for sleeping, bathing, eating, recreation and much more, all offering home-like amenities.

What are the Glamping Essentials?

Whereas people think of it to be posh and plush, going after the name, in reality, it is more about comfy camping!
Keep in mind that you are going on camping to experience the closeness to nature, and so, pack only the things that do not take away that experience from you.
You can carry along a lot of stuff at Glamping to feel home-like while still enjoying the being cozy with nature such as:Explore more such accessories here

Why is the link between Nature and Glamping so important?

People like to escape from the rush of routine life and relax at a place far from the city, people and noise. They decide to take a camping trip to relax and destress and to do so, keeping the link between Nature and Glamping becomes essential.
When you go out on an outdoor experience, with a proper place to sleep after the whole day’s adventure, you do not have to worry about animals or weather. A safe place to move keeps you away from the risk and fear. A shaded place to cook, sleep and bath, also helps in maintaining hygiene.
With sporadic Glamping, you can enjoy staying close to flora, fauna, and landscape without compromising the luxury and snuggly you are accustomed to. While easing out in the wild, if you will make sure that you do not overdo the comfort or glamour, then you will successfully get the Nirvana or at least the state of peace you want.
When Glamping, try sticking with a simple rule – The simple it would be, the more you will relax.

Glamping with the Family!

Kids hate to compromise, and the slightest discomfort makes them declare Camping as absurd. Whereas while Glamping, they do not experience anything as such and love it even more. You can complete the dream of traveling together with the entire family when you go Glamping.

What is Glamping in The New Decade Of 2020?

With time the approach of camping trendified, and technology started charming and comforting it even more.
Many iterations came in the style of Camping, but the one that survived for ages is Glamping. And with technology upgrade on a day-to-day basis, Glamping in an RV is going to be even more mesmerizing. You can equip your Caravan with all hi-tech facilities and define your fashion of Glamping.
February 07, 2020 — admin