Do you find it challenging to fit in everything into your caravan? Then, it’s time to de-clutter your caravan space and get it organized. 
Whether you are on a solo trip or traveling with your family, it’s obvious to have a mess, and it is the reason that most of the travelers struggle on their way. It is important to stay sane and organized during the trip so you can effectively manage everything and concentrate on enjoying the trip.
Organized Caravan
We have come up with eight space-saving and storage tips for you so that you can have some sorted and relaxing time with your family:

Collapsible products

Always invest in collapsible products as they will solve storage issues and saves space. Get your hands on tabletop ironing boards, collapsible or pop-up laundry hampers, clotheshorses, drawer dividers, and many more. You can even hang them on the caravan ceiling and utilize the unused areas to store your stuff. Apart from this, you can easily put it under the bed and store all the odd items in it. It will make your caravan look de-cluttered and much organized.


When you frequently travel, you might be aware of the pain of saving space and keeping your stuff organized. Invest in lots of hooks; it can be a great space-saving solution as you can hang a lot may things on hooks be it utensils, clothes, or keys. It can be a practical addition in your caravan that will help you to locate things easily.

Annex and Awnings

You can use annex and awnings outside your caravan when you plan to stay at a preferred stop. This way you can have a little more organized trip as you don’t need to hassle around looking for a place to unwind. Instead, you can make more space to unwind with annex and awnings and shield your caravan from rain, sun, and wind. 
Fiamma Awning- F45S is one of the best awnings designed in user-friendly European style, which is easy to handle and use. It fits in the small and large types of motor homes that give extra space to accommodate some items.
Electric Roll Out Annexe is another excellent product that comes with anti flap kit and curved rafters. It imparts strength to your awning and adds extra floor space which you can use it as an extra utility space for storage. This way, you don’t waste time looking for things in your caravan.

Pet enclosure

If you are a pet lover and frequently travel with your pets, then we can imagine the mess they create. Keeping them is a tedious task as they always keep you on your toes and make you run to look for them every now and then. 
Pet enclosure can be the best thing you invest in as it provides an entirely safe, secure, and private area for your pets without compromising on your leisure time. You can easily install it at any location and customize it to suit your taste. It is going to give you a much more relaxed and organized trip with your pets.

Stackable storage tubs

Stackable storage tubs have the potential to accommodate maximum items from clothing to kitchen utensils and cleaning essentials to children’s toys. You can keep it in the kitchen area to store utensils or other essentials. Make sure you choose the stackable containers according to the dimensions of the area in your caravan where you want to fit in.

Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips are also a great option to keep your stuff organized such as scissors, knife, or cutter. You can stick them on free space inside your caravan. It is handy, and you can easily locate them when you need them. 

Nesting bowls and measuring spoons

Use nesting bowls and measuring spoons in stackable sets is another excellent investment you can make. They avoid wastage of food items and keep you organized while cooking in your caravan. They can easily be accommodated as they are space-saving and are convenient to locate when you are to bake or cook something.

Rollout awning clothesline

Are you frustrated at the thought of drying your clothes when you are caravanning? If yes, then you need not worry anymore. We would recommend you invest in a rollout awning clothesline. You can call it as “laundry on wheels.” It is a very convenient option to dry up your clothes and keep yourself organized. It can be easily attached to your caravan and comes with a carry bag that you can easily store in your caravan.

Important tip -

“Less is more” and it is certainly true in this sense where you may get frustrated while fitting in your excess stuff. Remember you are on a trip and not at home. We would recommend you to carry less stuff with you so that you don’t struggle to store it in your caravan. Moreover, take multipurpose items with you so that you can avoid the hassle of carrying everything with you. 
So, when it comes to organizing your caravan follow the tips mentioned above, and consider carrying less stuff as organizing is difficult with excess stuff. 
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June 08, 2020 — admin