Schools have closed on-campus programs and offered online classes due to worldwide lockdown. As a parent, it is really worrisome to imagine your kids get accustomed to the shifting paradigm of education.
You may be afraid that soon in some time your young ones will start forgetting the lessons and by the time lockdown ends, they may have forgotten most of what they learnt so far and schools may ask to repeat maybe one or two levels of classes once again, right from the beginning.
Homeschooling While Caravanning
In case you are also one among such parents then you can take a sigh of relief as we are acquainting you with a whole new kind of child-education methodology – Homeschooling while Caravanning!

Road Schooling a completely Fresh Start

Homeschooling and Travelling may sound ridiculous to anyone hearing it for the first time, but trust us, once you will dig it deeper, you will be amused to know how a lot of parents (travelling) on the road are doing it (and enjoying as well)!
Caravanning with kids is a big step in itself, and the decision of homeschooling on the road could be both, daunting and tricky. But one thing to assure you here is that it is going to be an enthralling experience for you and your kids.
Let us have a look at the checklist of what you should prepare while shifting from regular classroom education to the homeschooling on the road:

Turning your Caravan into a Classroom

You can add an L-shaped Porch or Storage Room to your Caravan and have your very own home school ready for some learning to get in action. The new environment will amuse your kids for good. 
To keep a regular class or school-like feel, you may choose to add some books and games as well!

Getting a High-speed Internet Connection

With the latest standing of Australia on 68th positions among the 122 nations, it is quite evident that our continent faces the issue of poor internet connection or slow internet speed more often than anywhere else.
To make sure that your kids get the best education, you need to make sure to install a good internet service provider to look for any educational resource without the interruption in education.

Scheduling Education and Fun

Getting distracted from schooling while caravanning can emerge as a big issue even when it actually starts happening. So, to avoid the guilt trip of wasting one whole year of your kids, you can rather, start planning the schedule along with the itinerary.
You can schedule classroom-based learning while you are driving and open nature learning for the destinations you plan to visit.
This will allow both you and your kids to have a clear vision and goal, helping in avoiding any disputes or disappointments after it starts.

Deciding the places to Recline

Mark all the destinations and try finding out suitable caravan parking spaces around so you can make sure that your kids get ample time to acquaint with the surroundings and you achieve the ultimate purpose of taking their education outside the classroom.
In case you do not find any appropriate spots to take a breath, you can always install annexes and awnings nearby your Caravan and create your own reclination space anywhere you want.

Including some Travel-Themed lessons

Never underestimate the power of hands-on experience. Always remember the purpose of why you choose to take your kids with you while travelling.
Making a curriculum for them that coincides with both classroom and travelling will excite them and make the whole of the drill a lot easier for you as a parent. Given the freedom, you will see how beautifully they will develop their skills and upgrade themselves during the entire process.
These were the tips to consider while homeschooling on the road. We hope you found this useful. Stay tuned with Xtend Outdoors to know more about many of such fun stuff you can do while caravanning.
June 16, 2020 — admin