Camping trips probably could never be amazing without a worry-free tent up by creating your own space anywhere you love to. Well, an absolutely delighting way to do that is pitching up a caravan porch awning. Here is everything you want to know about caravan porch awnings in a nutshell.
Caravan Porch Awnings

Caravan Porch Awnings

Porch awnings as you must have used, attach to the outside of your caravan and create an extra area to relax. They come in different kinds and every model has its own unique benefits. Porch awnings are simpler to set up and are smaller, lighter, and easier to handle.

Why Caravan Porch Awnings?

A caravan porch gives a great outdoor space to enjoy your camping spot, it could be a beautiful landscape or a pretty sunset. A porch awning-
Creates a living space that could be utilized for activities, cooking and eating or simply a much required shaded seating. You might just love to stay in your caravan, yet beyond a point, you might feel cooped up and want an open yet enclosed space.
Another amazing utility of a porch awning is, it provides space for storage. You can store anything in the porch awning space that you can’t store, in either your caravan or around your caravan parking spot.
As compared to full-size awnings porch awnings are smaller and lighter which makes them easy to set up. It takes about 15 minutes to pitch your porch awning. If you go on shorter camping trips, a porch awning is the best thing to carry along.

Types of porch awnings

There are various porch awnings for caravans on the market and you can choose your awning from different fabrics, frame materials, styles, and sizes. These different porch awnings have a different set of benefits.

Based on frame material

Steel - In case you plan not to move your caravan often like being parked in one area for months at a time, this heavy-duty material is a great choice. Steel withstands extreme weather conditions and stays strong for a long time.
Aluminium - is lightweight and thus makes the porch made of it, a great option to set up and take down. It is also perfect to travel with it frequently.
Fibreglass - Fiberglass is similar to aluminium, which makes the porches made of it, lightweight and easy to handle and store.
Air - Inflatable porch awnings are the newest innovation in the caravan market. These porches are quite easy to construct. You need to do inflate the pipes inside the awning with an upright or battery-powered pump. They are the lightest which makes them very convenient to move along.

Choose Your Awning

When it comes to choosing your awning, consider the 2 main factors; budget and features.
Budget - The most important factor to consider when buying a porch awning is your budget. If you have a light budget consider porch awnings which are smaller and lightweight and if you are planning to considerably spend then pick larger porches with high-quality materials.
Features - Porch awnings come with different features. Consider questions such as how frequently you would use the porch awning, how often do you plan a camping trip? Do you prefer a space to eat outside? Do you need storage space for your camping trips? Do you like to have fresh air while you relax? Do you prefer a quick and easy setup or you seek a more durable awning? Answering these questions would make it easier to decide what kind of porch awning you want to buy.

Maintaining your porch awning

Maintaining your porch awning is equally important. Regular maintenance of your porch awning helps in increasing its life. Fold it every time you take it down, make sure no moisture remains in the material before you pack it up for a long time. Always separate the poles from the canvas and never put them too close together. This would prevent marking and punctures.
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