Being hydrated while doing any kind of physical activity, be it for leisure or a goal is absolutely important. Our body is made of 75% water, yet it requires water just after a half an hour workout. One such activity could be—camping if you choose to go the rigorous ways- tent camping, backpacking/hiking, canoe camping.
Here is a guide to staying hydrated while on a camping trip.

How much water to consume?

The answer to this question depends on various factors such as the climate you are in, the altitude at which you are, the level you have exerted, your body’s water needs. At moderate temperatures and modest activity levels, drinking water to satisfy your thirst should be adequate. But you need to increase your intake in case you are camping in extreme heat or at a greater altitude. You should up your intake to one litre every hour if you are camping in a hot, dry climate or at elevation. The fluid loss also takes place when you exert more thus you need to up your water intake to replace fluid loss from perspiration and respiration. No two campers require exactly the same amount of fluids to and so use personal experience to stay hydrated.
Guide to Stay Hydrated

Tips to staying hydrated

Here are some amazing ways to treat dehydration.
  • Begin with hydrating- Right before you leave for camping, get yourself hydrated and an hour before you start, drink at least half a liter to 1 liter of water. In case you start early in the morning, the first thing to is hydrate yourself, as the previous night’s sleep makes you dehydrated.
  • Small Volumes- During camping or hiking, you are recommended to consume smaller volumes of fluids instead of chugging larger ones. You can set a time duration (an alarm preferably) which reminds you for fluid consumption.
  • Keep it handy- Always keep your water handy. You never know when you would need to hydrate yourself or a fellow camper, pack your fluid such that it is not a hassle to retrieve it when you need it.
  • Mineral up- Camping may result in losing essential minerals from the body and so, it needs to replenish them from time to time. Avoid sugary drinks to make up for the lost electrolytes, instead, make your own good drinks for dehydration. Another way to keep the electrolyte levels up in your body is by consuming salty snacks. So, do not forget to pack Doritos or Lays.

Signs your are Dehydrated

Your body gives out signs for everything, yes even if you are dehydrating. The major signs of poor hydration are-
  • Colour of urine- The best way your body signals you are dehydrated is, by the change in colour of your urine. Check for the colour of your urine, if it has turned dark, you surely need to hydrate.
  • Dry mouth- If you get a dry mouth, it means you need to hydrate.

What to do when dehydrated?

The very first thing for body dehydration treatment is to search for shade (hoping you are not camping in a desert). Take rest while your body cools down. You can boost the cooling down process by soaking a bandana or a piece of cloth in water and covering the head with it. Once you are considerably cooler rehydrate yourself with fluids you are carrying along.
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