Awnings And Tent
Often, awnings and tents are confused to be the same commodity. Though they have similar uses, you need to realize the fact that they tend to have very important differences. Here’s a blog that will help you know the important differences between an awning and a tent!

The difference!

An awning is usually installed or attached to caravans, while caravanning outdoors, where you’d like to sit back and relax for a while. On the other hand, a tent is a portable shelter that can be stretched anywhere, right in your backyard, at picnics or even on a hilltop.


Tents and awnings, both offer protection from the sun rays and weather conditions. Both of them are usually made out of the same fabrics which majorly include canvas, vinyl or mesh. However, you need to consider the quality of fabric and the metal frame that shall be supporting the tent and the awning.

When you set up a tent, a retractable tent to be precise, you shouldn’t be scared of strong winds and worsened weather conditions. However, awnings should be brought down right when the winds start you giving the hint of being aggressive!


When you set up a tent in the backyard of your home, it might be a bit difficult to uninstall it and store it back. However, awning, when attached to caravans, are very easily detachable and can be stored smoothly. In nick of time, they can be folded and kept back.

As a caravanner, you should always choose an awning, when planning a trip. After all, an awning is much more cost-effective than a tent. Not to forget, the limited space your caravan holds, is apt to store an awning and not a tent. If you are looking for a perfect awning for your caravan, head on to Australia Wide Annexes and choose from a range of awnings available at affordable prices.

About AWA:

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February 17, 2017 — admin