Family over Friends For A Caravan TripTravelling with family can be one heck of fun if done right! Especially, if you plan to go on a caravanning trip with your family, you are going to have a time of your life. It might sound like a holiday hell to you if you have never caravanned before with your family, but if we consider Australians, then they surely do prefer family over friends while going on caravanning trip!

The above statement is not just a fact! Here are the reasons that justify the statement to the core! Have a look:

1. Packing

When you are caravanning with family, you can throw in anything you want, right from your favourite old denim, to your lost G.I. Joe. All of your bicycles can go in and your favourite magazines too. All, with out the fear of getting judged.

2. Pets 

You can carry your pets along, when you are travelling with your family. Had you been travelling with your friends, you’d be worried about your pet being left at home. You can carry all the edibles and eatables you’d want to feast on with your family and have a gala time caravanning outdoors, into the wild.

3. Kids And Nature

Your kids get know nature and environment closely. In the era of sedentary lifestyle, it is very important for you to teach your kids about the roots of existence, about the natural resources, nature, geography and surroundings.

4. A Pleasing Time

Because pizza places, museums and coffee shops are too mainstream! Take your family out on a caravanning trip and connect better. Feel the warmth and take back home some memories that city-lights cannot offer you! The great outdoors and and amazing campsite with open barbecue, what a mesmerizing sight! At such campsites, kids and other family members get to connect with people from different walks of life and encounter something interesting.

5. The Cost Cutting

Why search for expensive hotels and spend on flights when you can have an amazing road trip with your best people. Rather, chip in some money and have a comfortable and smooth caravan trip with your ones!

February 21, 2017 — admin