Beat the summer heat while you camp!!

Are you planning to hit the roads of Australia in summer time? Then you should be aware of the fact that it doesn’t take long for the temperature to rise there. However, you can always opt for some summer smart tips that can help you ease while you and your caravan witness the summers and the roads in the rawest form. Check out these tips and things you should consider and have a mesmerizing trip this summer!


Make sure that you are well prepared for nature’s extremes. Right when you are about to purchase a caravan, think of your family size, or people whom you’d regularly travel. Consider the fact that numerous caravans are made out of double fiberglass insulated bodies nad pop top roofs. These materials act as insulators and can always chip into moderate temperature variations in your van.

Never forget to add a tropical roof if you are sleeping under a canvas roof. This creates an air gap which will allow heat to be absorbed by the air underneath and save your living space for getting heated up. You can also suspend a high-quality blanket, linings of which will create a reflective obstructor, debarring the heat that is beating down on the roof of your caravan.


During summers, your body tends to lose body fluid, which can be very harmful. If you are traveling with kids, make sure that you never avoid their crankiness. It could be due to their thirst or water level of the body going down. The low water level of the body can also result in headache, body cramps and dizziness, leading to dehydration.

Carry in-cabin fridges filled with water, fruits, and fluids. This way, everyone arrives to the camp hydrated.


When the heat gets too much for you to survive, opt for some smart moves. Chuck a sheet in the fridge, and leave it there for some time. Then, drape it all over yourself. When the breeze passes, all you will feel is cool winds hugging you. This can turn out to be an excellent relief from the summer and a wise way to beat the heat. You can also keep a cold sac under your head while sleeping so that you keep cool all night.


Choose a campsite that has a lot of trees and natural shades. Though you will be carrying awning along with, but natural, living material will keep you cooler. Photosynthesis, water bodies around and breezes, what more do you want to help yourself stay cool, this summer?

These were few tips that can help you not loose your COOL, this summer!

April 10, 2017 — admin