Rains and caravanning might not seem to be the ideal combination. But, if you are really eager to go on a caravanning vacation, any season is the right season. The rainy season has its own share of fun filled experiences and adventures. So, do not miss out on this amazing chance to enjoy with your friends and family.

What to do on a Caravan Holiday when it rains?

Do you want to go out on caravanning vacations but are afraid of the monsoon forecasts? Do not let the rain dampen your spirits. Be prepared in advance and set out on your adventure trip. Rainy season will provide you a unique caravanning experience that no other season can offer. From the soothing smell of petrichor to enjoying solitude in nature’s haven, you can indulge in a whole lot of experiences. Do not believe us? Read for yourself and find out wonderful ways to spend your time while caravanning in the rainy season.
Embrace the rain and nature’s bounty and make memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Caravan park during rain

Places for caravanning during Monsoon

The rainy season brings with it challenges of the hot and humid weather conditions. But if you are accustomed to such weather, it shall not be a deterrent for you.

  • Choose a place for caravanning such that you are completely aware of its routes and road conditions. In any other season, it wouldn’t be much of an issue. But, the rainy season can submerge roads and create treacherous courses. It is thus safe to know plan beforehand.
  • The rainy season puts forth the risk of cyclones and impassable roads due to creek orriver flooding. You must not try to cross water courses unless you are sure that they are safe. Consider the depth of water and drive carefully while crossing any water course.
Flood during rain
  • Plan your trip such that you have access to local indoor attractions along your journey. They can be anything like eateries, cafes, museums, galleries or theatres. This will help you in spending quality time with your loved ones in case the weather conditions deteriorate.
Spending Quality Time

You should be careful while planning for a caravanning holiday during the rainy season. You must stay updated with the weather forecasts and maintain a safe distance from dangerous areas. Caravanning and rains are not exactly made for each other. But, with the right people and proper planning, you can turn it into an experience you’ll cherish for life.

Happy Caravanning!

November 16, 2016 — admin