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What To Do On a Caravan Holiday When It Rains?

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Caravan holidays are always fun filled and looked forward to by people. You need to be fully prepared for your journey before you set out. But before you decide that you are prepared, here’s a question for you: What will you do if it rains?

Didn’t prepare for this aspect? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you.

Weather conditions can be treacherous at times and can spoil your mood and holidays. However much you hope and wish for the blue skies and sunshine, there might always be a possibility of rains disrupting your vacations. But don’t get sad, for everything is worth an experience. Here we will list some of the precautionary measures and activities you can indulge in while it’s raining outside. Follow them to avoid getting disappointed later.

Put Up Caravan Awning

Caravan awnings provide you with extra space for accommodation. They are significantly important in the rainy season when you need space to dry your muddy shoes and wet clothes. Also, they provide space for pet animals whose presence in the van would mean utter chaos.

Porch awnings are best suited for such a weather since they are easy to erect and can withstand heavy rains and winds. Waterproof materials used in the caravan awning walls help you remain clean and dry.

If it’s windy, take the side panels out to avoid fighting large areas of windblown fabric or worse, ripping it. Put a plastic sheet on the ground if it is muddy when you are erecting your awning. This will prevent your fabric from getting dirty.

Caravan Awning - Xtend Outdoors

Indoor Activities

When the sky outside is grey, sometimes, all you want to do is sip your coffee while reading a book in the comfort of your van. So, be prepared with all the necessary items for such a situation. Pack indoor games to keep the kids entertained. Also take your iPad, novels, sketchbook and games with you. Savour some alone time in the company of books or enjoy some family time playing games while it’s raining outside.

Fun Activities and Demonstrations

Local Indoor Attractions

Research and find out about the local attractions of your destination like museums, galleries and theatres prior to your journey. This will help you in keeping some options to spend quality time at without spoiling your mood over ruined plans in bad weather conditions. Explore the local art and culture, watch movies with you family and savour delicacies. Do not go out with a single plan. After all who wants to be frustrated during holidays?


Embrace The Rain

It is not always that we get time to spend in the vicinity of nature. So, embrace the rains as they come. Do not fret over ruined plans and dampen your spirits. Get decked in your waterproofs and go out for a walk. Savour the scent of petrichor as you jump and walk through puddles. Play with your children and make memories that you will cherish for life. Indulge in the luxuries of nature and enjoy your days as never before.


Happy Caravanning!

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