Caravan Awnings for Every VehicleDometic is undoubtedly the largest manufacturer of motorhome and caravan awnings in the world. Having developed a wide range of awnings and caravan products, the company has now come out with PerfectWall, a caravan awning that is perfectly compatible with all vehicles. With the PerfectWall and PerfectRoof range of products, your life on the road will be “beautiful, comfortable and convenient”. How does Dometic make perfect caravan awnings for every vehicle? Let’s find out.

Superior Comfort

If its superior comfort that you desire, then PerfectWall has the best caravan awning for you. The legless 12-volt awning provides high convenience with the awning being set up at the touch of a button. Not only does this awning leave adequate space in the front, but also provides high durability due to the presence of extremely heavy-duty, patented arm joints. The awning has a wind sensor that retracts the awning if the wind exceeds the specified limit.

Custom Fitting and Design

Dometic has given due importance to custom fitting and design of its products so that your vehicle gets the most compatible awning product. For example, The Dometic PerfectRoof PR 4500 is great for panel vans which have their design is based on Fiat Ducato as well as for vehicles that have space for roof-mounted structures. Finding the right awning for your vehicle won’t be difficult as there are several options with different lengths as well as extension depths.

Classic “Crank Driven” Models Available

If you love the traditionally designed caravan awning that needs to be set up with a crank, you will definitely enjoy the range of Dometic’s caravan awnings. The company offers several classic awning models with support legs that require a crank for operating it. All the awnings come in attractive fabric and housing colors with common size variants available. This ensures that there is a classic caravan awning for every vehicle.

Wide Range of Awnings to Suit Every Need

Dometic has always strived to come up with awnings that are compatible with almost every vehicle, irrespective of whether the vehicle has a roof or comes in an open design. By increasing the number of options, the company has made it possible for more people to get an awning for their vehicle and enjoy personal space during road trips and camping adventures.

Will you buy a Dometic caravan awning for your vehicle? Which one will you buy? Tell us about your choice in the comments section below.

August 17, 2015 — admin