Floating Caravan

Yes, this is definitely true. You are not viewing a concept. This is an amphibious caravan that not only performs well over land, but it can float. Now you can even explore lakes and rivers that are close to the camping grounds. This particular caravan doesn’t turn heads when it is being towed over land. But the moment it is put in water, it attracts a lot of well deserved attention.

The amphibious caravan is capable of cruising at speeds of up to 5.6mph which is good enough to cover substantial area. With this caravan, you can enjoy a nice day at the lake. At the moment, this may not accommodate a lot of people, but this is definitely a great design to start with. The caravan can be easily lowered into the water by removing a few screws and attachments. The innovative design provides complete freedom for campers over land and in water.

The amphibious caravan weighs 390 kilograms and has a waterproof chassis constructed from fiber glass reinforced plastic. When the caravan is in water, an electric motor is used to power the caravan. The bed that is placed inside the caravan can be converted into benches and the retracting sunroof makes it easy to pull back to soak up sun rays.

The interesting thing to note here is that the caravan does not have provisions for a caravan awning as of now. Although one can argue that when this caravan is deployed in the water, there would not be any need for awnings. Common sense dictates that one cannot setup an awning in the water. But what about the time when the caravan is on the ground? I am sure some consideration must have been made for this.

A traditional caravan awning will not fit this. It needs a specialized awning that will be able to justify the needs be it on the ground or when the caravan is in the water. No matter how complex the design, Australia Wide Annexes can always come up with a custom caravan awning that will not only justify the intended use, but it will have adequate aesthetic appeal as well.

Check out the video of this amazing floating caravan and see it in action.

August 20, 2015 — admin
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