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Consider the world as your oyster? Yes?? Then a caravan is surely what you need at this hour!! Anytime you feel like going on a trip, hop in your caravan and drive away the miles before you unwind!!

With the increasing choices of staying outdoors, the trend of owning a caravan has sped up. If you are someone who loves to travel, then a caravan will surely add up to your adventure charm. A caravan leaves you with the freedom and flexibility to travel and roam wherever you’d like to!

With the year 2017 right around the corner, there are new caravan designs and enhancements right up for you, all set to launch just to add up to your dose of adventure.

Dare to be different!!


Compact, maneuverable, comfortable, yet reasonably priced, ONTOUR has made a mark in the market of caravans. There are 4 new models that are to be launched in the year 2017, with features of caravan that will leave your jaws dropped.

  • None of the four caravans are wider than 2.20 meters!!
  • Additional single-bed floor plan has been implemented on the new series.
  • The 390 SF Ontour caravan will relish a comfy rear seating and a double-bed right in the front!
  • These caravans can be easily towed by Golf class automobiles.
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This series of caravans shall be regarded as one of the best family oriented caravans of the decade. The most awaited model of all the caravan models is 495 WFB, which shall turn out to be a show stopper.

The features include:
  • An overall width of 2.10 m to 2.20 m
  • A spacious bathroom that is spaciously installed in the rear
  • A high-performance Combi 4 heating from Truma that also dispenses hot water
  • Kitchen worktops and windowsills come handy with the design!
[caption id="attachment_7799" align="alignleft" width="1067"]Deluxe Interieur Image Source: Hobby Caravans[/caption]


Renowned company Adria is about to launch its caravan which has been named Alpina, in the year 2017. The series will have a couple of models with notable differences. While the Alpina 613 Colorado is to have a twin bed plan, the 612 Missouri will have an island bed; both of them topped with front lounges. Both of the caravans shall offer 140 litres fridge-freezer which will again turn out to be a boon during the long travels.

[caption id="attachment_7800" align="alignleft" width="1200"]Alpina Image Source: Adria Caravans[/caption]

These are some of the most awaited designs of caravans that are to be launched in the year 2017! Do you dare to take a chance and own these beasts for pumping up your adventure?

September 28, 2016 — admin