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You have read or heard about going on vacations with friends and family. But have you ever thought about spending time with your best buddy? Yes, you can spend ample of quality time with your dog at the Best Friend Holiday Retreat.

The sole purpose of this caravan park is to allow people to take their dog on an amazing holiday. So take up the responsibility of letting your dog have a rejuvenating time because all he needs is your time and love.

The Pet Friendly Features include:

  • Dogs sleep inside - securely fenced cabins
  • Luxury dog kennels (day-use only)
  • Dog playground & The Giant Dog Ball Run
  • Hydrobath Hut for dogs
  • 6 securely fenced off-leash dog exercise areas

Attractive Park Features include:

  • 10 acres of parkland and gardens
  • Waterfall and natural rock pool
  • Daily bird feeding – Resident koalas
  • Pick your own fruit, nuts and berries
  • Ideally located between the rainforest and sea

The other major facilities that you get for your pet include:

Fenced caravans:

Dog friendly caravan parks should have fenced caravan and its cabin. It is important so that your dog is in its boundary and do not break the rules of the park.

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Luxurious Sleeping Area:

To have a dog friendly caravan holidays, go for such parks that gives best of the facilities in the cabins for dogs. There should be luxurious and fully equipped cabin friendly for dogs. The bathing facility, sleeping area and the food are some of the basic facilities that you would be looking forward.

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Open Space to Play:

Most of the caravan parks do not allow such facilities but a dog friendly caravan park would have the facility of the designated area for pets to play. Your dog deserves to have such kind of holiday.

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What is the best time to visit the Best Friend Holiday Retreat?

You can take your dog to this caravan holiday park anytime during whole year. There is no fixed time to take your dog for such a retreat. You must ensure that your dog must be properly vaccinated and in good health.

Where to contact for booking a holiday for your pet?

You can visit us at Holiday Retreat, Tarra Valley Rainforest, S E Gippsland.
You can visit our official website at www.bestfriend.net.au. You can write an e-mail for further inquiries and bookings at info@bestfriend.net.au.
You can call us at 03 5186 1216 as well.
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