Knowing how to hitch an annexe to your camper is as important as knowing how to pitch a tent. A tent is a home away from home on a camping trip, and so is an annexe. In case you don’t hitch an annexe in the right way, it could spoil all your camping experience.
To know how to install an annexe right, follow these steps-
Before starting with the installation, make sure you extend the awning out.

  1. Anti-flap kit- The first step is to prepare the anti-flip kit. Undo the bolts and remove the extension bar which is inside it. Now, turn the extension bar around, insert it again and retighten the bolts. Connect to other section and retighten.


  1. Anti-flap kit brackets- Once the anti-flap kit is assembled, drill the brackets on to the wall of the vehicle.


  1. Drum barrel- Drill 2 holes on the drum barrel at the two ends of it. At the center of the drum barrel, drill another hole to give support to the curved roof bar which would be installed later. Drill a bracket on the wall of the vehicle exactly in line to the hole drilled at the center of the drum barrel.


  1. Attach anti-flap kit bars- Now, attach the anti-flip kit bar by hooking one end to one of the brackets drilled (2nd point) and insert the other end into the pre-drilled hole in the drum barrel. Tighten the lock nut, hold the canopy down and fasten the lockdown handles on the bar. Repeat the procedure with the second bar on the other side.


  1. Attach the curved roof bar- In a similar way, attach the curved roof bar at the center.


  1. Install sail track- Place the sail track against awning track and attach it with screws. Repeat it on the opposite side.


  1. Installing end walls- Slide the end wall into topsail. Insert velcro strip into vehicle sail track and attach the wall panel to the velcro strip. Repeat the process on the opposite side.


  1. Front wall- Velcro the front wall to the drum barrel.

We hope these steps of installing annexe is going to be helpful to you.
October 16, 2018 — admin