Installing a stereo to your caravan might sound too tedious to be done on your own, but it is not that complicated. Caravan stereo installation could be a pretty interesting DIY project. All you need are a few general tools such as a jigsaw, hole saw, a drill and some cable.
Caravan Stereo
Here is a stepwise explanation on how to fit a stereo to a caravan.

  1. Mark the spot- First things first, you need to measure and mark the spot in the caravan where you want to install your stereo. Go for a soft background such as a wooden board or an acrylic sheet on which the stereo would be installed. This is the most important part of the process as a few errors could ruin the subsequent installation. Although you could dodge the errors to some degree by allowing some amount of space while marking the spot as a margin of error. Measure and mark according to the stereo unit’s dimensions.


  1. Cut the shape- Once you have marked the spot, you now need to cut the shape to fit the stereo in the wall. Using a jigsaw, neatly cut the shape, thus making a cavity to install the stereo.


  1. Drill- Now, drill on the wall for screws. For this, you need to consider the stereo unit and the length of the screws supplied with it. Mark exactly at the spots where the screws would be screwed and drill holes.


  1. Install the power supply- After screwing the stereo, the next thing to install is the power supply. The spot to install the power supply (inverter) could be anywhere around the stereo. Also, make sure a powerpoint is in the close proximity of the inverter.


  1. Connect- With the 12V cable, you now need to connect the inverter and the stereo.


  1. Speakers- Once you have set up the stereo, speakers are to be installed. Speakers could be installed anywhere in the caravan, wherever you want the music. To install speakers once again you would have to create a cavity. Using a hole saw, drill holes at the spot.


  1. Connect the speakers- Once you have drilled the holes to house the speakers, it is now the turn to connect the speakers with the stereo. Make sure you follow the correct polarity. In case of confusion follow the speaker instruction manual.


  1. Mount the speaker- The last step is to mount the speakers in the holes you carved. Determine where the aerial needs to go and drill a small hole from the inside of the van.

Mount the Aerial- Mount the aerial from the outside and connect the wiring to the stereo on the inside. It is recommended to use stainless screws rather than the screws that come with the aerial as in most cases they are plastic screws which might break in the long run making the aerial unstable.
September 13, 2018 — admin