Somethings bring life to almost all things, such as music or colours. Talking about colours, they are the essence of life and without them, life would be monotonous. Probably that is the reason we have a range of colour options for the things we buy.
As a camper, you would love to buy an awning of your favourite or best colour, but do you know, every colour is has a significance? Different colours represent different emotions and you as a colour enthusiast may want to know what are they.
caravan awning colour
Here are some popular colours with what they reflect and resonate which would answer how to pick an awning colour.
Be it Scarlet or Crimson, red is the colour that stands out among all. Red represents excitement, passion, desire, love, fire and so is emotionally an intense colour. Choosing a red coloured awning would tell a lot about the zealous camper inside you.
Green is one of the most soothing colours of all. The earthy colour resonates with growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, nature and health. A green awning on a camping trip in nature would echo the spirit of camping in nature.
In general, blue signifies loyalty, trust, wisdom, truth, faith, confidence and such virtues, but just like green, blue is an earthy colour. It represents the sky and the ocean. Relaxing beneath a blue awning is like sitting under your own sky under the sky.
Purple is not a basic colour, it is a blend of red and blue and thus it reverberates the significance of both the colours. Purple signifies luxury, ambition and royalty.
One of the most common colours is white. White says nothing and that is why it represents serenity, calmness, innocence and purity. What better colour to choose for your awning on a calm and quiet camping trip.
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September 07, 2018 — admin