Awning Fabric

The hot summer months are almost over and autumn is just around the corner. If you have spent a good amount of your time traveling in your caravan, then it’s about time that you checked the fabric on your caravan awning. It is quite possible that due to wear and tear, the fabric may have got torn at places or may show signs of wearing away. In such cases, you need to change the fabric.

The first thing that you need to take care of is to never compromise on the quality of the awning fabric. This is what provides shade and protection from the weather when you are on the road. Awnings are long-term investments and you would not want to lose money unnecessarily on frequent repair work that could have been avoided by timely intervention. If you are not sure of the type of awning fabric that would work out best for you, then consult with an awning manufacturer to get a good idea about the available options.

If you have a Dometic awning, then the replacement awning fabric will be made out of durable double-sided vinyl. The double-sided vinyl is 13.5 gauge, which is thicker than your standard 11.5-gauge single-sided fabric. This provides added strength and durability which is exactly what is needed for long-term usage. Plus, you can never trust the weather and the extremes to which it can go. A high-quality durable awning fabric will ensure that you enjoy homely comfort even in rough weather.

The most important thing to know when replacing awning fabrics is to get the measurements right. You do not have to measure the fabric itself. Instead, you need to measure from the center of one awing arm to the other. This is the measurement that is required to get the perfect awning fabric length for your caravan. Make sure that you take the measurements very carefully because the presence of errors will cause the awning fabric to be of incorrect length.

Whether your caravan awning has been subjected to a lot of wear and tear or it has been lying in the garage/storage, you need to check the condition of the awning’s fabric and get it replaced if the damage is extensive. Do not take the risk of going on a road trip with the damaged or worn out awning fabric. It will cause more problems than you could ever expect.

March 29, 2016 — admin