Camping is a great getaway for numerous reasons, one of them being exploring the nature and going for a peaceful trip! There are people who prefer camping, but there are also people who’d rather opt for caravan camping than tent camping! Let’s see what both of the camping have in stock for you!


Tent camping is a great way of escaping the hectic schedule and busy life of the city! Using a tent, not only can you just savor that feeling of truly being outside, but you can also keep yourself sheltered! You may find yourself hearing the rains, the trains, the winds and witnessing the heat of the sun.

You can find a range of tents in different shapes and sizes and pick out the most apt one as per your budget and needs! However, make sure tat you consider the weight of the tent if you plan to go backpacking!

Security at times turns out to be a bit of an issue since the zips and the canvas aren’t always the best protection against thieves and intruders! Do not forget to check the weather before backpacking your tent and hopping on to an adventure!

Campervan and Caravan

Cut down the hassle by simply using a caravan or a campervan! All you need to do is simply pack everything and anything you would want to have around during the trip and leave!

If you are traveling with your family, you all get to sleep safely with all the cooking and storage facilities without you having to pack and re-pack anything constantly!

You get to introduce yourself to the campsites with all the amenities loaded right back in your caravan or campervan! It also offers you the ability to move around with all the necessary items geared up and hassles being nil!

One added benefit of caravan camping is that you can always add up extra living space by fixing up an awning and making space for yourself during your trip! In case you are not aware of the whereabouts of the best platform that can offer you to the most apt awnings is Australia Wide Annexes.

December 14, 2016 — admin