New Year's Resolutions for Caravanners 2017

Christmas is the time of year that involves a lot of indulgence in sweets, cakes, turkeys and everything delicious. After a lot warming celebrations, what exactly do plan to vow for, this year? None? Well, as a caravanner, you should have some! Here are 5  New Year's resolutions you should try to keep up to witness an admirable impact in your lives!

Trigger Up Your Caravanning

Without the need of traveling for hours, you can go caravanning to so many sites across Australia! This means that a mere weekend is enough for you to shut the world down and put on that relax mode along with your caravan. Give the laundry, the ironing, the vacuuming and all those household chores a break and spend some weekends with your inner self!

Caress Your Caravan

Pour some love on to your caravan! Spend some free time with it, a bit of oiling, some wipe down and some washing and here you have a shiny caravan, parked adorably in the backyard! Let the locks of your caravan witness some WD40 spray! And don’t forget to clean the bird droppings constantly else the paint of the caravan might chip off!

Adapt it as a Lifestyle

Pack up your bikes behind the caravan and leave for your favorite getaway destination along with your caravan! A lifestyle like this will make you appreciate the nature and bring you a step closer to it!

Save Money

Rather than digging a hole in the pocket by planning annual holidays, why not take your caravan in an exotic part of Australia, park it at a location that embraces you with cool breezes and a mild temperature. By doing this, you will not have to pay for the flights, hotels, foreign currency exchange and even touring. You will have everything right within your reach, at the least possible prices!

Spread the Love

Get your friends to make them understand and witness this amazing experience! Spread the love of caravanning and help everyone make memories during the trip that will be treasured for the rest of the life. You will be surprised by the fact that how caravanning simply glued everyone together and how well people get along with it! Families and friends spending time in their caravans, away from the home, embraced by the nature, is sheer joy, peace and adventure!

So as a caravanner, make sure you take these 5 vows and move ahead for an enhanced caravanning lifestyle!

December 20, 2016 — admin