When you have a tighter hand at the budget and wish to buy a caravan, then a brand-new caravan comes with new appliances, furniture, and expensive fittings. All this may make your dream caravan out of reach.

However, you can still fulfil your dream and enjoy a road trip with a used caravan. The market is full of second-hand options in Australia from where you can pick one for yourself. But, choosing the best one is the primary concern, which could be a little daunting.
You need to carefully inspect the caravan before you buy, which will simply unravel the complexities of finding a pre-loved caravan. We have come up with some purchase considerations that will help you find a caravan that ticks all the right boxes. Let’s take a more in-depth look:

Points to consider while calculating your budget for the caravan:

  • The maximum towing capacity of our vehicle and any upgradations needed
  • Number of times you plan for a caravan trip
  • Size of the caravan and capacity to accommodate people
  • Features- segregating the essential and advanced features
  • Margin to customize 

Apart from this, there are some other points to discuss with the seller:

  • Years the caravan has been in use
  • Caravan history and maintenance records
  • Year of the last service
  • The distance the caravan has covered
  • Any major problems to be fixed
It would be best if you made some more inspection checks, and you might be stressing over these. Believe us, you don’t need to, as the least auto-savvy buyer can also perform these inspections. You just need to be patient and take your time. In case your seller doesn’t let you perform the inspection, then that’s a clear indication that the caravan may have some major issues.

Exterior Checks for the Caravan

Poor exteriors can give you an idea of what condition the caravan is in. Also, you need to know; otherwise, it may give you numerous issues down the road. Here are some main things to check on the exteriors of the used caravan your intent to buy:
  • Check for leaks, fading paints, and scratches
  • Check ladder if adequately installed or not
  • Check for unusual sounds when you drive, rock, or shake the caravan
  • Inspect shock absorbers for wear
  • Check for seals around the doors and windows
  • Check for rust
  • Check brake pads and hand brakes
  • Check all the towing equipment such as a hitch, jockey wheels, and jockey wheel bearings
  • Check for gas bottles and connections
  • Check cables for fraying, damage, and make sure all power plugs work and all are watertight
  • Check seals around the windows
  • Check whether the caravan has proper accessories such as awnings and annexesextensions, and shades.
  • Check for flooringpoles ropes and pegsbags, and covers
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Interior Checks for the Caravan

As you go from exterior to the caravan’s interior, you may get plenty of ideas to discover potential problems based on what you found outside. Use all your experience, knowledge, and be vigilant because it’s better to find issues at the moment and negotiate repairs during a purchase.
  • Check for all the appliances such as fridge, TV, radio, or resource monitor, whether accurate or not.
  • Check whether the satellite TV receives proper signals or not.
  • Check for solar panels if installed
  • Check for shower, toilets, taps, and tanks
  • Knock the inside of walls to check whether there are any hollow spots and cracks
  • Look at the overall shape of interior frames
  • Check the condition of canvas and seals
  • Check hinges and knobs in the kitchen area
  • Thoroughly inspect cooktop and other cooking appliances
  • Inspect electrical tags for compliance
  • Check for water stains on walls, windows, kitchen area. 
  • Check for dust on cupboards.
If you think that you would need to clean the caravan later on after making a purchase then, you can use cleaning products from XtendOutdoors. You can use them both on the exterior and interiors of the caravan. Check out the link below to know about the complete range of cleaning products:
After going through the inspection, if you feel that you have found the right caravan that’s super comfy and has all the amenities, work on the negotiations. Compare different models as it will help you gauge how much worth it is. Evaluate your budget and cost of repairs, whether you have to make any adjustments to it? Discuss all these with your seller and when you find the terms and conditions satisfactory, move ahead with the purchase.
These were some important tips when you decide to buy a caravan. We hope you found it useful. If you want some more interesting stuff related to caravanning, stay tuned with us!
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June 29, 2020 — admin