Are you heading for your first caravan trip and curious to know how it feels?
It is like a magical experience with a beautiful sight where you disconnect with a stressful routine and spend time with nature. If you have never been camping, we recommend you go camping this holiday season and try something extra special.
Fascinating Facts about Caravanning
Here are 15 facts about caravan trip that will instantly light up your mood:

Relax! You aren't going to cut off from the society

People are often worried because they feel that they will be cut off from society.RV Parks offer 4G through which you can stay connected with your family and friends while enjoying the trip.

You may see a crazy line of Caravans on the road

As you hit the road in Australia, you will see crazy lines of a caravan touring from different parts of the country in the summer season. The lines are so long that they may block the entire region.

Caravans aren't new

If you think caravans are new, then you are wrong. They have been in existence longer than you think. The first caravan was documented in the 13th century, but it was first used for leisure in the 20th century. However, they have evolved a lot in the last century.

'Caravan' is not of Romany origin

Many people think that caravan is a Romany word; however, it is wrong. Instead, the word is derived from the Persian word, Karwan.

A smart rule for choosing a caravan

Caravanners follow a basic rule while choosing the right caravan for themselves. This is the smart 85% rule, which says that a caravan shouldn't weigh more than 85% of the tow car's curb weight.

Mark it as a second home

You can book a Caravan parking site and keep your RV for good. Next time whenever your friends plan a vacation, you can suggest them the same place and even gift them with a spot even during the busy camping season.

You can experience luxury while caravanning

Earlier caravans used to come with basic features in mind, but now caravans are more luxurious and are designed while keeping the lavish living in mind. Most of them now come with advanced features, marble countertops, and modern style beds which is the permanent part of modern living in caravans,

Caravans can be custom-built

Well, caravans already come with smart features,but if you want to make them more comfortable, you need to make a little extra investment, and everything will become perfect. Also, you can add your sense of style to the interiors and turn it to heaven inside.

The washing line could always be full

Washing and drying clothes while on a caravan trip can seem like a battleground where the washing lines will always be full. However, if you are an early bird, then you can wash it off in the night and hand upon the clothesline even before the sun comes out, and you will be done with your tasks.

Make your caravanning comfortable with accessories

A basic caravan in today's time can be a turn off for most of the young caravanners. Still, they have the option to make it more comfortable with countless accessories like annexesawningsextensions and shades, and many more.

You can protect your caravan in different ways

Barren roads and deserted locations may turn your caravan trip into a nightmare, but you can still protect your caravan through laser ID to lock the wheels and doors. Moreover, you can park your caravan on a busy road in the city or a safe location.

You can choose pet-friendly caravans

If you are a pet lover and like to carry your pets on a caravan trip, then many caravan sites will allow you to bring your pet with you. However, you need to keep them safe and prevent them from going here and there. You can use pet enclosures that you can carry to most of the locations and keep your pets safe and secure without compromising on the privacy and view.
So, these were some of the caravanning facts that you should know if you are a beginner. Hope you liked this blog, stay tuned with Xtend Outdoors for more caravanning related stuff.
July 07, 2020 — admin