A caravan is said to be your home on the wheels when camping. But does your caravan actually feel like one? If not, you need not get a new model for your caravanning trip; instead, renovate the existing one.
Don't worry. We are not talking about full-fledged caravan renovation. With a few simple and quick add ons and ideas, you can create the comfortable and homely space you desire.
Let us look at some of the amazing and minimalistic caravan renovation and interior ideas for your caravan.
Caravan Renovation & Interior decor Ideas

Best Caravan Renovation & Interior Ideas

Redesign Your Furniture

The furniture takes up almost all of the space inside the caravan. You can either redesign the entire furniture layout inside the caravan or replace the tired upholstery.
Reupholstering the caravan's sofas, chairs, seat cushions, and the bed is an excellent caravan interior decor idea that would give a completely different look without much effort. Also, replace the saggy foam cushions with new and proper ones.


You can modernize the space by switching to LED lighting. It is one of the modern caravan interior ideas that can brighten up your caravan's interior in a blink.
LED lights are perfect for the caravan as they do not consume much energy. Along with the kitchen and living room, you can also replace caravan awning lighting with LED. These are available in both warm and cool temperatures. You can choose the one depending upon how you want the space to look.
You can install LED strips to various caravan spaces like under the cupboards, inside the cabinets, and inside the caravan annex. The LED lighting is also perfect for a caravan bathroom makeover.

Colour Scheme

Sprucing the caravan with a fresh coat of paint is an extremely easy yet amazing caravan renovation idea. Choose the color scheme wisely, depending upon the vibe you wish to create. However, white is the minimal and trendy color choice that makes the caravan look spacious. You can also go for a grey color scheme.

Maximize Space

Maximizing the caravan space is an interesting caravan interior decor and renovation idea. Wondering how you can do this? It is quite simple.
  • Declutter your space.
  • Remove extra furniture and downsize it.
  • Use a foldable table and chairs that can be tucked away when not in use.
  • Add kitchen shelves and wall racks for increased storage.

Fabric and Curtains

Replacing the old fabric of cushions, bedding, pillows, tabletops, and curtains with new ones matching the caravan colors is a modern caravan interior idea to liven up your space and add freshness.


For improving the interior decor, you can tweak your caravan flooring. You need not invest a fortune in installing new flooring. You can do little tweaks to your interior by using some floor accessories like a rug or carpet matching your color palette.


Are you looking for a minimal yet stylish caravan interior idea? Then place some plants inside the caravan. You will be amazed how these little add ons would enhance your ambiance, space, and your decor.

Extend The Outdoor Space

Often when camping, we lack extra space for storing the luggage, recreational activities, or relaxing. While renovating your caravan, make full use of the opportunity and extend your outdoor space by installing a caravan awning. In addition to space and homely comfort, the caravan awning will protect you from the weather elements.
Will you be taking along your pooch on the trip? If yes, then make some space for your furry friend by installing a pet enclosure to your caravan. It provides a fully enclosed area with protection for your pet.


The caravan renovation ideas mentioned above are quite simple modifications that would make a huge transformation in your caravan and make you like a home away from home.
September 14, 2021 — admin