COVID-19 has scared people so much that they are reluctant to travel through buses, trains, and aeroplanes. As people are practising social distancing to contain the spread of the virus, they are refusing to take any public mode of conveyance. 
RV Traveling
So, what are we left with? If you travel through any public transportation, you don’t know if anybody who sneezed during the trip had coronavirus. In such a difficult time where nobody can bear people coughing and sneezing behind their back RV comes to our rescue. When you have RV then why to go through such torture?
Here are four reasons that will let you ditch the public transport and switch to RV:

Excellent Mode of Quarantine

When nothing is left untouched from coronavirus, then your RV is the best way to quarantine yourself. When you are to travel from one place to the other, you can do it without stepping out of your RV.
Apart from this, it is going to be a comfortable journey as you have everything inside from food to entertainment to sleeping arrangements. It is like a mini mobile home where you can keep a distance from others. 

Safe and Secure

Your RV is the safest mode of travelling where you won’t come in contact with anybody during your trip. Moreover, your luggage and other things are kept safe and secure, which leaves no chance of theft.


When you travel through an aeroplane, bus or a train, you have to follow the timings and leave your house early to reach the place at the time. If you are having a flight scheduled at morning 6, then you need to be at the airport by 4 AM and leave the house even earlier. As a result, you would sleep for the rest of the day. But, when you travel through RV, you have the convenience to travel on your terms and can leave the house at the time you want. Moreover, you have the bed inside so wherever or whenever you wish, you can stop to take some rest.


Many would claim that RV is expensive, but what about the travelling bills you pay if you are a frequent traveller? It is a significant investment where you can enjoy the freedom to travel on your terms in the long run. Make sure that you maintain your RV properly and keep it clean and sanitized.

Food Safety

When you travel through some other public transport, you have to make all the preparations such as food and packing your luggage beforehand. Moreover, you don't know that the food you are being served may contain coronavirus. But, when you travel through RV, you have the kitchen therein where you can cook food whenever you want safely with all the precautions.
We know that you are not willing to put yourself and your family at risk during COVID-19 pandemic. We would recommend you to travel through an RV and stay safe in your ecosystem till the danger subsides. COVID-19 epidemic has made travel by RV safer and reliable than any other mode of conveyance. At this point of time, RV has the upper hand over other transportation modes, if you are looking to buy one contact us here!
May 07, 2020 — admin