Travel planning has been disrupted everywhere due to COVID-19, and people are asked to avoid unnecessary travel. But, as the camping season is coming back, we all need to rethink the idea of camping and figure out ways for safe camping.
However, we are encouraging you to follow social distancing and keeping yourself safe strictly. Well, if you are living in places where camping is still allowed, we must say that you are fortunate enough to taste freedom. As you hit the road, you must understand your responsibility and indulge in safe camping. But how would you do that?

How to Camp Safely during the Coronavirus Epidemic?

Here are some tips and trick to safe and secure camping during the pandemic:

Do research

Before you go out camping, you must do your homework and figure out the places with travel restrictions, avoid going to such places. Also, keep room for some flexibility as changes are coming in rules every other day. Follow the credible resources to carry out your research and schedule your trip accordingly.

Prep your resources

Ensure that you prep your resources before you indulge in camping so that you don’t have to face an uncertain situation. Note down the essential you would probably need during the trip; it could be a gas tank, groceries, sanitizers, handwash, and other important stuff. Carry some medicines as you may face shortage of medical stuff due to the outbreak.
Also, if you have to interact with the locals in case you need something, we would recommend you to follow social distancing.

Find a safe spot

You may get past to some containment zones while you are on your trip where the spread is at a higher level. We would recommend you find a safe spot and stay there so that you don’t expose to the virus.

Take proper nutrition during the trip

As you all know that coronavirus is hitting bad to the people with low immunity, so make sure that you keep your nutrition up while camping. We would recommend you take immunity boosters along with you, or if you don’t have, then you may follow some simple remedies to up your immunity level. Eat as many fruits, nuts, and seeds as possible.
As you would be camping, it is apparent to stay awake while driving the caravan; you still need quality sleep to keep up the energy levels. Make sure to get plenty of sleep as it will boost your immunity.
Also, do spend some time under the sun. It would help your body make natural Vitamin D, which plays a vital role in boosting your immune system.

Consider backyard camping

Being an adrenal junkie or a travel lover, we know you can’t keep from camping. Still, it is important to keep your excitement level under control, at least at this time. We would recommend you to try out backyard camping, this way you will get some good time to spend outdoors with your family. You can decorate your camping site in the backyard to give it a feel as if you are caravanning outside.
You can use inflatable extension rooms adjacent to your caravan and attach shade walls to it. Also, you can enclose an awning porch to spend some time partying outside with your family.
We know the importance of spending time outside; it helps you release stress and refreshes your mood. Whether you plan or not plan to step out, it is essential to spend some time outside even in the quarantine, but with proper safety. Make sure to follow social distancing and other restrictions as your step outside.
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May 22, 2020 — admin