The length, width, height of the caravan directly affects your driving. And there would be multiple instances when you will have to maneuver your caravan. Once you know your caravan measurements, you will easily move and adjust them without any complications.

How To Work Out Caravan Towing Weight?

The caravan has a manufacturer’s plate near the door with all the details listed, including the weight ratings, tyre sizes, optimum pressure level, and much more. But before knowing the caravan's weight, here are a few things you must know.
Understanding The Size and Weight of Your Caravan

Tare Mass

It is the total caravan weight when carrying no load but ready for service.

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

ATM is the total weight of the caravan when carrying the maximum load. You can calculate the ATM by adding tare mass and payload (maximum load-carrying capacity of the caravan)

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)

It is the total weight of the fully-loaded tow vehicle. To tow the caravan swiftly with the vehicle, make sure the caravan's ATM is less than the vehicle's GVM.

How Wide Is a Caravan (And How Wide Can It Be?)

The width of each caravan is different. But mostly, the caravans tend to be 2.2 or 2.3 meters wide. The maximum width limit is 2.5 meters, including the awning, wheel guards but excluding reflectors, mirrors, signaling devices, and other additional accessories.

How To Measure A Caravan?

The question of how to measure a caravan is frequently asked and is assumed to be a tough job. But it is super easy, grab a tape with hook-like ends and start taking measurements as we answer your commonly asked questions.

How to Measure Caravan Width?

The caravan width is the distance from side to side. To measure, hook the end of the tape at one side and extend to the other side.
If your caravan has rounded corners, hook the tape at the bottom corner of the caravan and extend it underneath the caravan to measure the caravan width.

How to Measure Caravan Height?

The caravan height is the total distance from the top of the caravan to the ground. Include the outer components of the caravan while measuring and make sure the height does not exceed 4.3 meters.

How to Measure Caravan Length?

The caravan length is the distance from the coupling at the front to the rear of the caravan, including the equipment mounted at the rear side like bumper bars, spare wheels, bikes, and others. Ensure it does not exceed the limit of 12.5 meters.

How Much Does a Caravan Weigh?

The weight of the caravan depends on its tare mass and the things stored inside it. But on average, the weight of smaller caravans tends to be around 2000kg, whereas the larger caravans weigh around 3500kg.

How to Calculate the Ball Weight of a Caravan?

Ball weight is the weight applied by the caravan on the tow ball of a tow vehicle. Knowing the ball's weight is important as if it exceeds the limit, it could damage the tow ball, tow bar, and vehicle. You can either use bathroom scales with an over 100kg limit or a weighbridge to measure the weight.
If calculating with bathroom scales, place it and a brick 90cm apart at the same level on the ground. Further, create a bridge by placing a pipe or wood across the scales and brick. Mark 1/3 measurement on the bridge. Now, place the jockey wheel of the loaded caravan at the 2 /3 mark on the bridge. Multiply the displayed weight by three. You will get the approximate caravan's ball weight.

How to Weigh a Caravan?

For weighing your caravan, you need to drive it onto the weighbridge. Once reached, wind down the jockey wheel, disconnect it from the tow vehicle, and record the weight.


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