Plumbing issues can be a real pain, be they occur inside your house or in your caravan. Fixing the plumbing problems can cost you from nothing to a fortune. There could be myriad of caravan plumbing problems caused by neglecting simple things and not carrying caravan plumbing maintenance properly.
Caravan Plumbing System
The following are some simple caravan plumbing system tips that would help you save nine by stitching in time.

  1. Moisture Meter- Moisture is the biggest adversary of plumbing, especially in the coastal regions. Moisture can cause numerous problems like rust, mould and mildew. Keeping moisture under check is the best way to avoid over moisturizing and to do that you need is to install a moisture meter in your caravan. A moisture meter tells you the level of moisture inside the caravan and thus helps in taking steps to reduce it.


  1. Ensure Good Ventilation- A poor ventilation can be a threat to your caravan’s plumbing. Closed or obstructed/blocked ventilation vents in the caravan are a major reason for increasing the humidity in the caravan. To make sure the ventilation slots work properly, clean and vacuum them regularly.


  1. Avoid Spillage- Spillage doesn’t only is caused due to water. Any kind of liquid that spills inside your caravan turns in a haven for fungi, bacteria and algae. In case your caravan is not in frequent use, carry out a regular check for spillage inside it. Mop it out well and ensure no liquid left to create breeding grounds for microbes.


  1. Damp Check- Just like moisture, dampness is one big evil for caravan plumbing fittings. Dampness is common in the bathroom of the caravan and the easiest way to check it out is the smell. Dampness could be smelled and if you smell it in the bathroom, it means somewhere water has stagnated. Check the walls of the bathroom and also look out for the black damp marks.


  1. Use Dehumidifier- One of the best ways to stop humidification and the eventual damage of plumbing in the caravan is using a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier eliminates the humidity from the air thus making it dry.

Carry out these simple precautionary measures in your caravan and you would not hear of general plumbing problems.
June 19, 2018 — admin