Installing an awning could look like a daunting task and you probably would book a technician for it. But installing or fitting a Fiamma awning to your caravan is one of the easiest DIYs.
To start with, you need to screw the mounting (awning) brackets on the patio side of your caravan. For this, first, you need to drill holes on the sides of the caravan. Place one of the brackets on side of the roof where you want to install it. Mark a centre of the bracket with a pen and take off the bracket and make an make an impression with a punch.
Fiamma Awning Installation
Now drill out a hole on the impression with a drill. Install a rivet nut in the hole in order to crush it (to form grooves). Apply silicon on the outside of the rivet nut to seal it and some oil or grease on the threads of it to make the crushing easy. Now with a wrench crush the rivet nut and once it is done, take out the nut, bolt and the washer.
Mount the bracket, this time to screw it, make sure you place a vinyl in between the bracket and the body of the caravan. Screw the nut on the upper mount and thread in the lower mount not fully tight though. Now loosely screw the upper mount of the bracket on the rail and then come down to the lower mount. Just screw the lower mount but do not tighten it first. Go back to the upper mount and tighten it. Do not over tighten the upper mount as it can warp the bracket. Tighten the loosely screwed lower mount and your bracket is installed.
Repeat the process for the second bracket on the rear.
Once both the brackets are mounted on the side of the caravan, hang the awning on the brackets. Place the awning in a way that it doesn’t interfere with the opening of the hatch of the boot.
Now open the awning and drill another hole (which should be in line with the center of the bracket) through the awning and the mounting bracket. Slide a machine screw from the back of the bracket and fasten the bolt on to it.
Repeat the process for the rear bracket.
Your Fiamma Awning fitting is done and it is all ready to roll!
The vehicle considered in the above blog in a Vanagon. The bolting and screwing of the mounting brackets may differ from vehicle to vehicle.
Here we have used rivet nuts (for mounting brackets) to create grooves in the body of the vehicle. It could also be done without creating the grooves. In such a case you have to use nuts to tighten the bolts from the inside of the vehicle.
April 04, 2018 — admin