What could add more adventure to a camping trip? Well, you would be surprised to know, a camping trip could become more adventurous by subtracting instead. Tyres!
A road trip on a motorcycle could be more than venturesome than a camper trailer trip. Although motorbike camping is not feasible for every and in every season, it could still be taken up once a while.
You can compromise on luggage on a motorbike camping trip, but trading-off for shelter, is not a good idea. Well, here comes the need for motorcycle camping tents. Motorbike tents are specially designed keeping in mind the nuances of a two-wheeler camping trip.
motorcycle camping
Here we would tell you the best tents for motorcycle camping in Australia:
Family Tent

You must wonder, if you plan to go on a motorbike camping trip, why to take along a family tent? Neither you are so many people, nor it would be easy to carry. Well, a family tent might come in handy if you are a fairly bigger group of bikers. It becomes useful as well as, it could be carried along by any of your biker buddies.
Expedition Tent

Another motorcycle tent for an Australian camping trip is the expedition tent. Expedition tents are any day more handy and for a motorbike camping trip, they are all the tent you need. These tents do not occupy much space and are typically divided into 2 sections; a sleeping area and a small porch where you can cook, eat, store or just rest. An expedition tent is a tiny house you can carry along, anchor and unhook easily.
Backpacking Tents

As the name goes backpacking, this a tent actually folds down to a backpack and can be very easily carried and is extremely lightweight. They can be easily installed and are a great choice for solo travellers or even two or three people. They are quite small and so every camper has to carry his own backpack tent.
Bivy Bag Tent

Going a size down with every gradual point, here is one more—a bivy bag tent. It is easiest to set of the lot as it is actually a little bigger than a sleeping bag. You can’t do many things in it, as it doesn’t provide an overhead shelter and ground space. But all you could get is a good sleep and resting time in the night.
Bike Tarp

And the last would be a bike tarp. In case you don’t want to pack a tent at all, here is what you could do, you can anchor a tarp with your motorbike and that would give you a makeshift overhead shelter saving you from the elements.
The next camping trip you plan should be a motorcycle camping trip and we hope you have already picked your choice.
March 20, 2018 — admin