Although buying a brand new caravan has its own advantages owing to the fact of being fresh, still, a used caravan has one big advantage—you don’t have to pay a premium. But, not paying the premium is not the best thing for a used caravan, the caravan should be worth what you are paying and worth the subsequent usage.
If you are planning to buy a used caravan you need to keep certain things in mind. Here is a checklist of things you need to check prior considering a used caravan to buy.
Checklist When Buying a Used Caravan
To make a thorough inspection, you need to extensively go through the external as well as internal of the caravan. Checkout for the following externally:
  • Scratches, dents, repairs.
  • Door locks and grab handles.
  • Windows.
  • Water tank, piping and other things under the caravan.
  • Check for any damage or rust in the axle.
  • The condition of tyres.
  • Check the roof for damages and leaks.
  • Lights; headlamps, brake lights etc.
  • Gas gauge.
  • Battery.
  • Water systems installed for taps, drains and showers.
Check the internals:
  • The condition of furniture if any.
  • Check for damages in cabinets.
  • Check the kitchen and appliances if any.
  • The condition of toilet and showers.
  • The condition of the internal roof and walls—check for discolouration, repairs etc.
  • Door and window locks.
  • The condition of smoke alarms if any.
  • Check for dampness in the corners.
  • Look out for insects and pests.
  • Check the condition of appliances, faucets and taps.
To carry out this extensive checking process you need to to carry a few things that would make things much easy, like- a pen and notepad, a flashlight for remote and dark spots inside and underneath the caravan, probably a damp meter to check the moisture levels, a camera would be great to refer to future.
Apart from this, you would have to check general things that the seller has claimed like- age of the caravan, it's made, history of owner, documentation, service history.
We hope, now it would be quite easy for you to know what all you need to check while buying a used caravan.
March 12, 2018 — admin