Some families love traveling across Australia during warmer months while others head during winter for warm, sunny weather. No matter when you travel, there are often periods when you store your caravan for a few months at a time.
We are often asked, "what do we do to keep our caravans safe and in good condition, while we are not using them?"
Here is a guide to making the caravan storage easy during the offseason, increase the longevity of the van, and reduce the common caravan problems when you are about to head off to the next fun trip.

Keep the batteries charged up

We've all experienced it! As when we come back to our caravan when we are all ready for an adventure, to check if the batteries have died or are good to go.
To avoid this, charge the batteries in regular intervals which will ensure the caravans are powered.
You will be on the safer side and will not face any inconvenience and costly task of purchasing new batteries before your next caravan trip.

Clean out the water & grey/black water tank

Before storing your caravan, it is always recommended to empty all fresh and grey water tanks. Give it a thorough clean, and it is ready to be stored for an extended period.
Fill with the fresh water when you are off to the road, and you are all set to go and enjoy the trip.
Every other grey/black caravan tank should be cleaned and emptied thoroughly. This one is to be done before saying! Get rid of any bad smells or sanitary issues before putting your caravan to bed. Trust us, and you will be thankful for it!

Keep your caravan Undercovered!

A dirty or a wet caravan is a mood spoiler! Keep it covered and out of the weather, and you will have a new caravan to come back to.
If you do not have access to a covered parking area, you can always protect it with a caravan cover to keep out moisture and dirt while your caravan is under storage.
And will minimize the risk of other complications like UV rays and can be stored for an extended period.
Also avoid storing the caravan under a tree, even if it is covered as falling branches and acidic bird dropping can potentially damage it.

Look after your Awnings

Many families like to add on awnings to provide shade around their caravans. These accessories need to be taken care of and stored just like your caravan does, so do not forget about them.
Give awnings a thorough cleaning with products specifically designed for this as others contain bleach which can damage the fabric and shorten the lifespan of awnings. Xtend Outdoors Camco Pro strength Awning Cleaner is specifically designed to clean & wash the awnings.
Once cleaned, make sure to roll up only when dried entirely or it may go moldy when you go to use it again.

Park on a level ground

Make sure you do not get surprised when you enter your caravan pantry, and it is all turned upside down. And every other thing falling onto each other. Keep the caravan on the level as to keep everything steady and in the place where you expect it to be.
These tips are great for year-round storage, ideal for all caravan enthusiasts. Be prepared for the next trip anytime, anywhere.
December 24, 2020 — admin