Caravan awnings are a fantastic way to extend your living space and enhance your camping experience. But when it comes to choosing the awning for your caravan, make sure the awning is the right fit as every caravan model has different dimensions. If not measured correctly, you are most likely to have a stressful experience outdoors. Here is how you need to measure a caravan awning.

How to Measure a Caravan Awning?

Now, the question arises of how to measure a caravan awning? You need to use the caravan's 'A' measurement to get the correct awning size. Wondering what is the 'A' measurement, where it is, and how to measure it?

What is 'A' Measurement?

'A' measurement is ground to ground measurement. It is the distance from the ground, all around the caravan's awning rail, and back down to the ground.

Where to find the 'A' measurement?

You can find the 'A' measurement in your caravan's instruction manual. The manual has all the dimensions of the caravan listed within.

How to measure the 'A' measurement?

But in case, if you do not have the instruction manual in hand, you can measure the 'A' measurement manually. It is pretty simple. You just need:
  • a tent peg,
  • a ball of string/wool, and
  • a tape measure.
Now, start measuring.

Step 1:

Knock the tent peg to the ground at the rear side of the caravan's awning rail.

Step 2:

Tie the end of the string to the peg.

Step 3:

Extend the string along the awning rail till you reach back to the ground in front of the caravan.

Step 4:

Once the string is on the ground at the front, ensure it has not torn or detached from the peg at the back and cut it.

Step 5:

Measure the length of the string in centimeters using a tape measure. The measurement is your 'A' measurement and awning size.

Measuring a Porch Awning

Porch awnings differ from others in terms of set-up, size, and weight. These do not wrap all around the caravan. So, it is measured differently than other types of awnings. To know the porch awning size, you need to measure:
  • The height measured from the ground to the awning rail.
  • The length of the straight awning section at the top.
You also need to take care of the awning's position regarding your caravan's doors, windows, and hatches.
  • The caravan door must be under the straight awning section so that it opens inside the porch.
  • If only half of the window is coming inside the straight length section, you can either take the whole window inside the awning or leave it outside. Please measure the length accordingly, taking/leaving it.

How to Put up a Caravan Awning?

When it comes to putting up a caravan awning, read the instructions carefully and move step by step. Also, before you start with the set-up, collect all the awning parts at once.


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