While camping, caravan reversing is one of the trickiest maneuvers a caravanner has to
perform. If you are a newbie, maneuvering the large, heavy vehicle could be difficult. But with the reversing rules and steps, you will be able to smoothly reverse the caravan anytime, anywhere, and enjoy a stress-free trip with your family.
Safely Reverse a Caravan

General Reversing Rules to Remember

While reversing the caravan, the most imperative rule to remember is the opposite rule. It
means that to reverse the caravan in a particular direction, you have to steer towards the
opposite direction. Like to move the caravan to the right, rotate the steering wheel gradually towards the left and vice versa.
Make sure to move the steering wheel slowly to prevent oversteering. If you oversteer in one direction or observe the caravan is taking a circle, stop at the same moment and start moving ahead in a straight line. Keep moving until the caravan is completely straightened behind your car. Ask someone to stand in front of the vehicle and guide you if the two rear corners of the caravan are not in the straight line.
If your caravan is wider than the vehicle, install towing mirrors. These would provide you with a clear view while maneuvering the vehicle.

How to Reverse a Caravan?

Now that you are aware of reversing rules let us understand how to reverse a caravan onto a pitch step by step.

Step 1: Find your Turning Point

When starting with the caravan reversing, the first step is to mark the turning point. Get out from the caravan and stand at the starting right corner of the parking bay. Then take two steps ahead and four large steps to the right. It is the point where you need to start reversing. To get your caravan on this, reverse the right rear caravan corner.

Step 2: Turn the Steering Wheel

Once you have reached the turning point, hold the steering wheel from the bottom and rotate it to the left. Then, please bring it back half a turn and start reversing. Make sure the right-hand corner of the caravan backs into the parking spot.

Step 3: Reverse the Steering Direction

Once the caravan's right wheel reaches the right corner of the parking, rotate the steering wheel gradually to the right. Reverse the steering direction to avoid jack-knifing. If you jack-knife, stop, start moving forward and bring the steering wheel to the center. Safely reverse the caravan once the caravan and vehicle are aligned.

Step 4: Park and Apply Brakes

Before continuing, check how far you can go. Ensure there is enough space for your caravan awning (excellent caravan accessory to avail additional space at the campsite). This avoids getting damages and some foot space outside the caravan. After checking, park your caravan. Then, activate the handbrake and ensure if the caravan is at levels and the wheels are stable and immovable.


Reversing the caravan is not complicated. By following our step-by-step guide, you can reverse your caravan onto a pitch without a hitch.
August 07, 2021 — admin