A pop-up camper comes with several benefits. From affordability to convenience, a pop-up trailer is quite popular among campers. To keep it durable for a longer time, you need to take care of its canvas. In case you think your canvas is excessively damaged and has too many tears, you should consider pop up canvas replacement and its cost.

How To Do Canvas Care?

Let’s first understand how you can maintain your canvas. The canvas or fabric of your pop-up camper develops mold and mildew in a moist environment. To avoid it, you can choose to cook outside while camping. Also, you can use detergents or any cleaning solution to wash off dirt and mildew.
Another important aspect is to keep your canvas dry and moisture-free. You should always allow your canvas to dry properly after washing. Moreover, you can store it in a dry place at your home, which is free from moisture and humidity.

Canvas Replacement - How To Replace Canvas?

Replacing an awning or canvas of your motorhome comprises of the following steps:

1. Initially, remove the awning roller and set it on the ground
2. Then unlock the spring assembly from your roller
3. Now, replace the old canvas by sliding it off the roller
4. Insert the springs again once you have replaced your canvas

Canvas Treatments

To keep your canvas dirt-free and clean, you can use reliable formulated treatment. An effective solution protects your canvas by keeping its fibers intact. You should avoid choosing a harsh liquid for your canvas. As the smell of harsh chemicals can be harmful to your kids and pets.

Pop-Up Camper Replacement

When your canvas becomes too sturdy, loses its original shape, or exposed to too much humidity, pop-top canvas replacement becomes necessary. Moreover, lack of treatment or using it in a humid climate can damage your canvas. One of the vital things before buying a new canvas is knowing its cost.

How Much Does Canvas Cost To Replace On A Pop-Up Camper?

The cost of the canvas depends from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, the designs and features of your camper trailer impact the cost of the canvas. For instance, it can cost you more for replacing the canvas of an old-designed RV as compared to the cost incurred for replacing a canvas in a new-designed RV.

Some Essential Questions That You Should Consider While Investing In A Canvas Are:

  • Do you want to replace all of your canvas?
  • How much canvas will you require for your trailer?
  • Will you replace it by yourself or need professional assistance?
In case you adopt DIY for re-canvasing, then it will save you money. But if you are a new camper and think it is too much of a time investment, you can approach a reliable RV company. While buying a new canvas, you can choose Austrong Awning Vinyls for your RV.
Austrong Awning Vinyls are ideal for summers, winters, and rainy season. Its durable fabric can protect you from UV rays, windy weather, etc. while caravanning. You can also attach annex to these awnings easily. Overall, these high-quality awnings are a great addition to your RV.


Replacing a canvas or an awning requires expertise. We, at Xtend Outdoors, are committed to delivering high-quality awning vinyl and other camping items to improve your camping experience. Our experts can even come to measure and install an awning for your RV. Feel free to contact us!
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