Do you find it hard to make everything fit in your RV? It is a common problem because camping involves several items that you can’t afford to miss. Collapsible camping gear can help you to manage space while traveling. They are foldable and easy-to-fit camping stuff that requires minimal space and automatically creates space for your extra items.

Here Are Some of Your Go-To Collapsible Camping Gear:

Bring Collapsible and Lightweight Cooking Utensils when camping

Cooking ware takes up the most of your RV’s space. Collapsible utensils allow the bowls, cups, pans, and plates to sit inside one another when stored. They save a lot of your space, and you can carry a sufficient number of utensils while camping.

Inflatable Camping Gear Can Be a Space-Saving Wonder for You

Inflatable Camping equipment not only saves your space but also convenient to carry when camping. They are lightweight gears that you can easily fold and store in your motorhome.
Whether you want to set up a room for your kids or shower, an inflatable extension room is very beneficial. You can easily store in your RV and set up quickly on the campsite. You can use it as a dressing room, setup toilet, or anything else.
Moreover, an Australia Wide Inflatable Camper Annexe can help you extend the living area of your RV. It is portable, lightweight, which makes it an ideal choice. An Inflatable annex can easily fit in your RV. It can be easily inflated in just a few minutes and can be deflated in the same short span.

Carry Collapsible Dish Drainer That Fits Most RV Kitchen Countertops

A collapsible dish drainer can save a lot of your RV space. It helps you to dry your utensils and other kitchenware during camping. You can also use it to organize your utensils and keep your RV clean and well-organized. Thus, it is a must-have camping gear when you are looking for space-saving options.

Carry Collapsible Solar LED That Won’t Take Up Space in Your Bag

A collapsible light is basically a portable and inflatable camping item. You will find it quite popular among campers as it is powered by the sun, and you do not need batteries to run it. You can trust this reliable camping gear for your next hiking or camping trip.

Pack Collapsible Water Bottles with You While Camping or Caravanning

Water is necessary, and you cannot compromise on its quantity, especially when you are hiking or camping. Collapsible bottles allow you to carry adequate water along with saving space in your backpack. They are flexible and foldable bottles. You can twist, flatten, or expand them as per your need.


Packing for your camping trip can be tricky at times. But collapsible camping gear can easily solve your problems, including space, disorganized luggage, overloaded bag, etc. Once you purchase them, you will realize a big difference, whether you are camping solo or in a group.
October 21, 2020 — admin